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I just popped in here from the main forum and I wanted to say I think you are super-woman and congrats on your Little Blessings.
tough question ...I love my nephew but like, no l don't like him very much I'm sorry to say. It makes me very sad that he's being raised the way he is. I can honestly say he is one of the most rude people I've ever met. At this point we are making a conscience decision to keep are lo's interaction with him to a minium
Maybe you could mix the tylenol with juice or until he's feeling better a wee bit of soda . I know it's not the best thing but you gotta do what you gotta do kwim.As for keeping him entertained ... you could get some moon sand and put it in a plastic container for him to play with trucks and stuff. New board games.. Candy land, chutes ladders, card games ect. What about new puzzles (our Dollar tree has these for cheap)? Actually if you have a Dollar tree near you you could...
If this were ANYONE else but your Mil would you even think twice about leaving your LO with her? Probably not. I think Mamas develop our "gut feelings" for good reasons. If yours is telling you no then when she asks the answer is no
YES, Ds just went to his first one yesterday. He loved it !! Dh went with him and they built a firetruck. After the kiddos finished the project the y had a real firetruck in the parking lot. Big stuff for a 3 year old boy
we haven't even thought about turning the heat on yet...yesterday was the first day that the air conditioner wasn't running ALL DAY LONG. To answer your question though...I'm a southern girl that cannot stand to be cold so if the house temp is below 67-68 the heat is coming on
what's the reason he won't eat it / try it? Just curious, what did he eat while you were eating the soup? What spices did you use? If you really liked it you could always freeze it into small batches for you.
What kind of bean needs to cook for 10 hrs (maybe it was a typo on the bag)??? I usually soak mine then cook them on the stove for about 2 hrs, or you can pressure cook them for about 30 min ( I have an electric one)
Just in the stores. Dh picked up 3 different gallons for me today. The honey & almond one smells great, the cherry was good too, but I didn't really care for the smell of the apple/pear one. I haven't used them yet but I figure if they work just ok it's a good deal
not sure how long the sale is good for but I'm sending DH to get some ( ok like 4 gal) tomorrow
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