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http://whenmybaby.com/basalbodytemperature.php I've used this a few times I woke up early and it's made a huge difference a few times.  
Did you put in today's temp at what it was or did you adjust it for the early wake up?
Not bad at all. I'm someone who likes to plan so I understand that. DH should be getting tested soon too and once we know his results that will impact our next step but I've already discussed all the possible outcomes with my naturopath.  So sorry you're going through this rollercoaster. 
LOL Congrats  Not out until AF shows her ugly faceI use two different sites and I've had them be three or four days apart in my O date. It's a little crazy making. AFM-I got a positive OPK on Saturday evening and we BD on Sunday only so not ideal but this cycle I'm ok with it. Please move me to the 2WW section. 
Welcome @deserae. 
Started my OPK's yesterday and the first one was negative but I'm starting to see some EWCM so I'm sure my positive is coming in the next day or so. 
I'm so sorry you're going through this
Well I got my OPK's from Amazon today so I will start testing this weekend. I'm also seeing my naturopath on Saturday and we're going to discuss some strategies for promoting a more successful pregnancy outcome next time as well as discussing a progesterone supplement since my progesterone was low this time around. Not sure what it was the first time since I was only seeing my GP and getting him to run a single HCG test was hard. 
Thank you ladies. I just went and bought a bunch of OPK's online and getting ready to get back into the swing of things. 
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