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OK I think I covered the word integrity in my last post.  I am not talking about lies.  I am talking about the inability to do what is right or stand up against someone you know is doing wrong.
You're probably right about the language-I hold 2 masters (one in English education) and am very close to my PhD and I am having a really hard time putting into words, for the forum, what my concerns are.  Be sure I have never used the words lack of integrity when talking to her about her behavior .    Thanks for the rec. of the book;I actually own it but have yet to read it-time to crack it open!
Just for some background, we have 3 kiddos, DD#1, 8, DD#2, 6 and DS, 3.  Our challenge right now is with DD#1.  She is simply not a child that can stand up for herself, or who makes good decisions.  She is very easily swayed by her peers (regardless of whether what they are doing is something we approve of or not) and she is not trustworthy.  Here are a couple of examples:                 We live next door to the neighborhood bully, a girl, 9 y/o.  She can be...
I am 35 y/o and in May of 2010 I weaned our son after being nursing or pregnant for the past 8 ½ years.  In the past I had always had clockwork regular cycles and my period returned, on average, 6-8 months after each child’s birth.   Starting in June of 2010 my cycles became highly irregular.  I missed a period in June of 2010 and then began bleeding in early July and continued bleeding until late August.  My period was heavy and clotty and I was diagnosed as anemic in...
I am looking for a naturally minded OB/GYN as I have been dealing with highly irregular periods for over a year now.  I started out with the Womancare Midwives and have been seen at Woman's Clinic of Northern Co. but haven't been happy with my care at either clinic.  I am looking for someone who is willing be invested in my care rather than simply prescribing the pill and telling me that I am perimenopausal.  I am definitely willing to drive to get good care.   Thanks!
Our oldest DD is 8 with a late July birthday.  She has always been HSed and it has become obvious in the last year that while she is very smart she has some vision issues that impact her reading ability.  She is  starting vision therapy tomorrow.  There is a charter Montessori school opening in our community this fall where DDs 1&2 will be attending.  We have made the decision to put DD#1 in third grade despite the fact that by age she could technically go into fourth. ...
My Dh wears hearing aids and has for 8 years.  We were able to get the first set covered by insurance~ the sticker price was 5K.  This time around we have different insurance so they will not be covered.  We shopped around and were quoted between 6K and $1500 for a pair of hearing aids.  There are great cost variances between brands and among providers.  The lowest estimate we got came from our university speech clinic.  Shop around and don't feel like you have to...
Our son is a few months shy of 3 and the girls are 5 and 8.  I am looking for tried and true have a pretty good attention span but if I don't set him up with something in home school room he is a maniac while the girls are trying to learn.  Thanks!
I am looking for a bowling set for my kiddos, preferably not plastic, with weighted pins.  I am looking to keep the cost under $70 and I would prefer to shop on line.    Any recommendations?
Our son will be 3 in Feb.  Which of these would you give your three year old? This one or this  one?   Thanks!
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