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GIRL! We'll anounce her name after she's born.
We have a first name for a girl but no middle name yet. Totally drawing a blank on boy names. I played around on this website www.babynamegenie.com yesterday but I didn't like any of the suggestions. If it's a boy he'll most likely be nameless for the first couple of days like his brothers were. We seem to have a more difficult time picking boy names then girl names.
I watched this video this morning too. I love seeing how babies develop and grow, it's an amazing process. I also like this page http://www.visembryo.com/baby/. It shows the different stages an embryo goes thru starting with fertilization.
Name: jsnmom What number baby is this? 5, 7th pregnancy How old are your other children? 10, 8, 3, 2 How are you doing right now with being pregnant and having the other children? Since I'm only 4 weeks it's so far so good. Mild nausea and cramping on occasion. Ask me again in two weeks and it will be a different story. We haven't told the kids yet and won't for a while or at least until I had an u/s.
*Name (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know you by): jsnmom *EDD: June 24th *Age/ age when the baby will be born: 33/34 *Location: Texas *How long it took you to get your BFP: 4 cycles *What number child is this for you: 5 *Family (partner, other children, pets): DH, DS (10), DS (8), DD (3), DS (2) *Birth plans/preferences: HBAC *Thoughts / anything else you you would like to share: I'm very exited to be here!
We got our BFP! DH made me wait until his birthday, which was torture! But we're very exited!     I didn't realize until I uploaded the picture that the control line is on the right and the test line is on the right.      
Thanks halling, a BFP would make a nice birthday present for DH.
I haven't bee around last week, so Congrats to all the October BFP's!   Can I please be moved to waiting to know. Also my youngest found and lost my thermometer so I'll have to get a new one. I'm 11 dpo today but won't test until friday. That should give AF enought time to show.
CorgiMommy I see two lines! Congrats!  
Thanks for the new thread Andthestars. Can I please be moved to waiting to O? Nothing spectacular going on here, just feeling lazy.  But we finally got some much needed rain here.
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