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that might work for us. should we try for roswell park at 10 on the gated side?
We are looking to switch peds too. we go to a highly reccomended one in alpharetta right now, but we were a bit bullied about vaxes there the last couple of times. we selective vax slowly. maybe in the morning sometime at roswell park would be good,  because it has been so very hot lately.
 what neighborhoods should we look at? i have never been there. What is around 30 min to oak ridge, and gives you a crunchier vibe? Is it possible to get a few acres? what about downtown areas? thanks
i am interested too. we are near east cobb. we would want to stay in the east cobb/roswell area if possible. we would do a playdate at roswell area park too.
If anyone wants to do a playdate at roswell area park, it is convenient for us. we also wanted to try the api group but keep forgetting to go.
we don't go to any groups either. we are in roswell on the west side of town. I would be intersested in a  regular playgroup to take my boys(4 and 18 months).
We just try to work with him when he is upset with something. Like the sock example, we would just try to help him arrange them how he wanted them. I have a hard time telling if something is sensory related or if he is just being picky with how something is. Is there a way I should be handling the tantrums instead of putting him in his room? We do that now because he is trying to hit us with his head or clawing at us. We thought it gave him a way to calm down.
thanks everyone for the input! yeah, he is such a sweetheart too. it makes us feel so bad when he gets so upset over things. like if his socks aren't perfectly flat on the bottom or something like that. it can be exhausting sometimes. and since he has no verbal delays or any issues in motor skills excepy being kind of clumbsy every now and then(runs in the family) i just didnt know if it could be a mild form of aspergers or something if that is possible? i really don't...
 i have never read this book, but it sounds like us. my family was stunned when they finally witnessed one of my son's tantrums at night. when we come to help him if he wakes up in the middle of the night, sometimes he will kick at your face, and try to claw you. i have been clocked by him several times at the grocery store as well during one of his tantrums. he is just 4. we thought maybe he had aspergers or something. i really don't know now. people just stare at us...
thanks. we do have other "symptoms" that has me wondering if it could be aspergers. he does this kind of head banging movement any time he is sitting sometimes bouncing in place. it looks like a self soothing thing. he has done this since he was about 1 as well. if he wants something that we dont want to give him(candy or something) he will follow us around repeating it over and over. when he meets someone new, he wont make eye contact or talk to them. sometimes he will...
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