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I am still here, in the what is going on section.  I haven't been on much, but will try and update more.  I am ovulating late, or not at all, and my cycles are now irregular.  They have varied from 28 days to over 35 days, with ovulation being around day 21 or later (typical 9 day luteal phase).   Things to help luteal phase and ovulation...Maca, b-vitamins, right?  Should I give soy isoflavones a try?  How much Maca?
CD 1 here after a 44 day cycle.  
About the sex question...we dtd at other times in the month, but I have ZERO libido unless I am ovulating (just had first ppaf, nursing 13 month old, cycles are wtf right now...I am cd 43 at the mo).  I do end up enjoying the experience, but there is a very obvious difference between ovulation sex and all the other times.  I do try and connect with DH that way, because that is a big part of how he connects with me.  I do wish my hormones were a bit more balanced though....
  Ugh.  Maybe you could start off the conversation with a clear boundary...like you are just informing and desire no commentary on the information?  I am so sorry about Connor, and all that you are going through right now.
badwolf:  I am so sorry :(   I am glad to see you here where you can be supported through this.  ((hugs))       AFM:  still wtf.  I think my body *tried* to ovulate a few days ago, around cd37.  
  You ladies were right, the libraries out here are a great resource.  The ped we chose is Dr Ayoub in Castle Rock.  She is from Germany and is non-vax friendly.  She is really awesome.     We have been out here almost 6 years now.  Loving it.  We actually moved out to Morton, but go up to Chehalis for "big" town trips.  
Kateaton:  Congratlations!     Apeydef:  yay for no precautions .  We might be in a tww together.   AFM  CD 37 after first ppaf.  I think I am gearing up to O.  Wet cm, super increased libido, ovarian pain. Usually my ovulations are extremely painful, and this is mild thus far.  Bfn yesterday.  
ohhhh that looks like a  bfp!!!    
I have been reading along, congrats to all those with BFP's!   I am still trudging along in WTF land.  I am on cycle day 32, 18 days past any ovarian pain (didn't temp, very possible I did not ovulate this month), been cramping for a week.  I just wish AF would start already.  She has been right around the corner for a week now.  I wonder if me taking inositol for anxiety is doing anything with that?     Wishing you all a lovely day.
I can't buy tests either.  I bought 50 IC a few months ago before PPAF showed and I, kid you not, tested DAILY.    I have managed a bit more self control now that PPAF showed.  Maybe once a week...you know, just in case    innacircle:  I would say that is for sure positive!   
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