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How far away is Bellevue from Portland??
It looks like the rain will be here by this weekend :)
We're looking, too!!
We'll be there tomorrow!
Any update, Mama?  Did your little ones get the pox?  We would be soooo grateful if you'd share with us :)  Let me know!
I'm reallllllly wanting to find someone with chickenpox who are willing to share!!  Now would be such a perfect time for my little ones to  get it.  Anyone lucky (haha!) enough to have the pox right now?
How far away are you from Portland??
I had a natural birth at Providence Portland Medical Center with Dr. Polo, who was very supportive and laid back. He works in a practice called Women's Health Today, and they also have a midwife in the practice named Karen Parker Linn.
It's been 7 days since our pox exposure, and today my DS woke up with a low grade fever, cough and runny nose. Do you think there's any connection? My friend brought her daughter to the same pox party I went to, so there is a chance that even if my kids don't get it, that her DD will. She said that she'd be glad to share, too. I will for sure keep you posted!
I'm outside of Portland, in Gresham.
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