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Thanks all!!! I am definitely going to have to start crock pot cooking! Taco beans and the black bean chili over sweet potatoes sounds AMAZING!!! I think that is what I need to do.... b/c that is where I'm really failing - come dinner time we've ordered pizza more times than I'd like to admit bc I'm just so worn out:/ Selissa--- good luck with your asthma--- gosh girl!!!! That sounds hard. 
Well, if I can get in to see their manipulative therapist (crossing fingers it works with insurance!!!) I have a tentative appt for that on Monday, then I'm sure it will be sooner rather than later. They told me basically to take it really easy and try to let that muscle relax as my pelvis shifts/body shifts due to pregnancy.... but of course if I can get in to the therapist it will be a faster recovery. 
I was hiking, walking, doing some yoga. Mainly hiking and walking.... which really really hurts right now:/ And no, I'm icing my hip..... I am in pain from above my uterus, through my hip, and down my rear. It really really really REALLY sucks :/ I was prescribed a mild muscle relaxer by my OB and I'm really tempted to take it to help with the pain while sleeping.... but I'm nervous too....
(Beckily -- to make sense now of my two threads... this is also a reason why I'm concerned about healthy eating in pregnancy... lol. I can't get much exercise now!)
Beckily - aw, thanks :-)  I'm not so much nervous about it NOW i guess.... as I am nervous that if I keep up gaining weight at that pace it would end up in me/baby being a little unhealthy to gain too much so fast. Anyway, I do like all those ideas!!! Thanks!!!
Thanks ladies :-) I ended up going back to the Dr. about it b/c it hurts SO BAD ... anyway, it's a pulled psoas muscle..... and it sucks. They are trying to work with insurance to get some 'manipulative' care covered somehow. So we'll see! Until then, I'm taking it easy, stretching easy, taking tylenol, icing it, etc..... Thanks!
I am 17wks, and in that 17wks, have gone from 117lbs to 134lbs..... and.... um, it makes me a little nervous:/ I certainly am not one to shy away from gaining weight whilst preggers, but..... I"m not even halfway through and I'm up almost 20lbs. I certainly don't want to gain TOO much. I'm usually a really healthy eater, and am having a hard time this pregnancy keeping that up. I don't feel very well, have 3 kids I'm catering to, and work full time.... so my cooking time...
BTW... I love seeing everyone's bumps... AND i LOVE the alien baby u/s pic!!!
New belly shots from this morning! Wanted to share :-) I'm 17wks (it's my fourth kid.... thus I already have a huge bump. lol) I can feel her move and everything now.... it's so exciting!
Gosh, I never replied to this! Name is Jen, Due Date is March 4th, it's my 4th baby ! Thanks! (oh and if you are adding gender, u/s at 16 weeks said girl... but we are waiting till u/s on Oct. 11th to be sure!)
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