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Frankly my husband went overboard when he bought my dd the leap pad last Christmas, he bought her EVERY book up to stage 2 (& she just turned 4). My older kids don't even touch the thing. My dd has learned a lot, but it can get annoying.
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with Becca, I haven't run into this situation yet, but I would've totally been stunned too. Those are some AWESOME points though Becca & I will surely keep those questions in mind to ask my kids if this ever happens. My oldest dd is almost 6 and she's never said anything to me about her having a boyfriend or anyone in her class having one, so I guess I'm lucky in that aspect, but my oldest son does talk about kids in his class having...
My 23 month old has long curly hair, and my 8 year old had long hair. My 8 year old was 5 before we ever cut any "huge" length off his hair. It wasn't because he didn't like it, and nobody ever said anything about it, when he went to Kindergarten he just wanted to be like the other kids (there weren't any others with long hair). Nobody in our family ever associated long hair with being gay either. My husband (when we first met & through the first couple years of our...
I'm worried about my dd who just turned 4, she is around 50lbs & already wearing a size 7/8. Lately I've been noticing that she is getting "puffy". She is very active, doesn't eat many sweets or fatty foods. I just don't know what to do. I didn't see it as a problem until she started dance class & she can't do a lot of the things that the other girls do because of her weight. Am I just over worrying? Anybody have any suggestions?
My last son was my chunker, it was my first homebirth too, (OUCH). I guess God really had to give me the trials with him. He at birth weighed 11lbs 14oz and now at almost 2 years old he weighs about 35 lbs and is in a 4T. But what gets me is that he is very proportionate (sp?) He is almost as tall as my dd who just turned 4.
We first tried Avent bottles (our ped. recommended them), but dd did not like them. She loved the Playtex nurser though, I think because the nipple is the one most like a mama nipple. Plus I used the Pump Mate system & it worked really well with the nursers.
My sister in law has twins, and I think it was too overbearing on her part, (she can't take care of one let alone 2). So when they were "old enough not to get out of the crib or playpen" she would do the same thing, shut the door & let them scream which I feel it totally awful, not to mention that she even did this quite often with friends & family over. Among other things (like her house being in horrible unliveable conditions) a lot of friends & family were considering...
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