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Just wanted to let you know that we see Dr. Moscovic.  He is in Clarkston Medical Group.  We've only been a few times, but he has been our family doctor for the last year and a half.  The first time we went in, he asked about vaccinations and why we didn't do them.  They have never been mentioned since.  We really, really like him.
I am also interested.
It's finally official that we are moving to Baltimore.  Specifically, the White Marsh area.  We won't be there until late summer, but I hope to meet up with some like minded mama's.  I joined baltap a while ago, but haven't got involved with it yet since we just finally got the official approval for our move.  I hope to meet some of you later this summer 
Hi Mom2Fin. My family has lived here for the past five years. When we moved my husband and I updated all of our vaccinations because we had yet to start questioning them. Fast forward a few years and I got pregnant. We did the research and decided no more vaccinations. My 2yo son is completely un-vaccinated. When you say "they", I'm assuming you mean the government? If so, we have never had an issue. I don't think they really care. My son has gotten rotavirus and...
jessaroo- I'm not puzzled by your question. I too cut up all of our everyday food for my toddler. The last two months, however, he has decided that he will eat nothing but banana's, bread, and oatmeal. It's almost as if the food has color it gets rejected. I often look at these thread's trying to get new ideas to try for snack time. He ate 3.5 banana's yesterday. He was offered pancakes and eggs for breakfast, roasted cauliflower soup for lunch, and spaghetti for...
dancebaraka - how much Melatonin do you give? I've wondered about this a few times, but have never gotten around to looking up the information.
I live in China and have traveled back and forth three times to the US with my son who is now 20 months. OTmomma had some good tips. I normally go and pick up some cheap toys a few days before. Junky ones. The kind that you don't want your kid to have, but somehow they love them. I also stock up on lots of snacks and I also have a couple of suckers for if it gets really bad. One of the favorites that has made the trip back and forth twice now is a large yogurt...
maybe we will try to pasteurize it ourselves. I am concerned with the diet of the cows. I really, really wanted to feel ok with getting milk. We are planning on making cheese, yogurt, sour cream etc... Sometimes I love a glass of cold milk, and I can't do coffee without some milk in it. My biggest concern is that my son loves milk. He is still breastfeeding, but he is weaning himself and enjoys his meals with milk.
Thanks weliveintheforest. That was my thought too. however, my husband is not on board and keeps giving me "If Lincoln (15mo old son) gets sick, you are going to feel horrible." He's been making me doubt the cleanliness only because here there are no standards or testing.
I am slowly trying to switch over to TFing. Today I found a source for raw milk and I have a couple of questions. I should also add that I am currently living in China. It is a small farm with only five cows. They seem to be treated well compared to how I have seen other animals treated while living here. However, they don't get any grass, either to eat or to play in. Their diet consists of about 5 lbs of corn meal, about 8 lbs of hay, and about 3 lbs of peanut...
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