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My husband and I are really working hard to get more gentle and positive in our parenting.  A problem I'm running into (or that is just my life, I guess) is that I have 4 children who are 5 and down (5, 3, 3, and 1).  Everything I read seems to be directed to people with 1 or two, MAYBE 3 kids.  Sitting down and explaining every single reason I have for something, talking things through with them, it just doesn't seem realistic with us.  It seems like all I do is put out...
Thanks, I'm off to look up that company.  They're pretty energy efficient, right?  Our plan (tentative, in my dream world, and still learning, so not sure if it's feasable) would be to put solar panels all on top of the dome, and use solar and generators to be completely off the grid.   
My son has a lifetime membership to Clever Dragons.  He likes it quite a bit.  I was just given a membership to ZooWhiz, too, and it's very nice, as well.  Those are both online sites, though, not PC games. 
Thank you both, that helps a TON!  
  I checked the link, and it says it's private.    Does anyone know the owner so I might be able to be granted access?
We're pretty sure we've decided on our curriculum for the year (getting a late enough start... I know... driving me insane...).  Anyway, we've decided on Christopherus for 5th grade (with an Oak Meadow for math), Enki for K, and Little Acorn for the little ones.   My question is, when I buy the sets, will they include everything I need?  I mean, I know I'll need art and craft supplies and such, but will they contain all of the books I need, or will I need to hit the...
Where can I find natural, preferably organic, supplies for crafting?  Stuff like unspun wool, yarn, cottons... I just have no idea where to begin to find the supplies to use!  Hobby Lobby doesn't exactly have an overabundant supply of stuff like this, at least, mine doesn't. ;-)  I'm hoping to make a bunch of Waldorf-inspired toys for my kids.  In my perfect world, I use non-toxic paints and dyes.  I hear that they have plant-based paints and dyes, how do I find those?
Has anyone ever moved their older baby/toddler into CDs after using 'sposies?  My 20 mo is really sensitive to his diapers.  We've been using Earth's Choice, but when we run out, rather than run clear down to where we can get them from (an hour away), we just pick him up what we can locally.   He's not been breaking out really, especially if we use good cream and cover him, but I'd rather just not take the risk.  I'm thinking about getting him some good cloth diapers...
Could you have him supplement with Khan Academy?  That's what I'm doing with my kids.  We're going through Saxon, not K12, for math, but it seems to be helping. 
My DD has eczema, that seems to be getting worse.  Another mom told me cutting gluten from her daughter's diet corrected her eczema, so I'm willing to do that if that's what it takes.  I know that there's no way I'll be able to do it all at once, though.  What are the biggest culprits?  Bread, I know, but I'm wondering about hidden sources.  Any ideas for what I should start cutting first?
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