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Your DD sounds like my just-turned-6 yo DS. His is bad for if he hurts himself. He seems to have no degree of pain, if he stubs his toe, it's the same as him cutting off his arm, from the sounds of it. I'm going to ask the pedi about it next week, but, since he too is distracted easily (when he wants to be), I think it's a behavior with him. He also tends to go into temper tantrums that end up absolute screaming/crying fits for hours on end. We put him in his room,...
I came here and asked in the Finding Your Tribe Forum. Our first appt with the new pedi is next week, but I'm really glad we got in and I got some recommendations, instead of going with someone in the phone book.
My late-June DD was ALWAYS in a onsie or a diaper. She's like me, though, she liked being "covered," especially when she slept (I just cannot sleep without covers on), so she got a really lightweight receiving blanket. I rarely swaddled her, except when we were at church. For some reason, the elderly people kept it about -10 in there. But in almost every picture we have of her, except maybe 2, she's in a onsie or diaper.
I get horrible pains, mostly around my tailbone. I have no idea what it is, I'm guessing sciatic pains. I'm DEFINATELY going to see a chiro this time around. Insurance is paying for it (YEA!!!), so I'm making an appt tomorrow, so help me. I'm not hurting yet, but sleeping on an air matteress for months on top of being preg is bound to take it's toll, and I just know one day I"m going to wake up and not be able to get out of bed!
Oh, I've been HORRIBLE!! SO glad I'm not the only one! Today was really bad... and painful... and just, bad. This weekend we'll be able to go to a better grocery store and stock up on some fresh fruits and veggies, and hopefully some organics, something we haven't been able to do yet b/c of finances, so hopefully, it'll cut the stink down some at least...
Hi everyone! I'm Kristi, I'm new 'round here. I'm QF, DH is definately NOT, although he is happy we have a larger than most family. (We're expecting #4.) We talk onand off about having more, but I don't exactly glow when I'm pregnant, so he doesn't like when I get preg. But, it's something I pray about a lot.
No, my kids are not allowed. At all. Ever. My cousins all talk gangsta, or whatever it is, and it sounds so unintelligent and... it just grates on my nerves. But then, so do they. And they do the baggy pants, drugs, whole 9 yards, and I just about lose my mind going over there. (Which I don't anymore.) But, probably because of that, I will NOT have anyone speaking like that in my house. Just drives me nuts.
That birth center looks BEAUTIFUL, thank you SO much for sharing the link! Do you know if they take tricare?
Can I join this tribe?? Not that I'm particularly thrilled about the idea, but it's SO nice to know I'm not alone in this!! I have 3 decades of emotional/verbal/physical abuse from my mom. My dad, he's just so passive-aggressive he let it happen. I love him, but he has the backbone of a jellyfish. They divorced when I was 11, and we stayed with him, for the most part. My mom married a real effin' winner when I was 15... she had known him 2 weeks.: She's got...
10 to 1, no, he won't be turned away. There are some circumstances that he would, but from the way you discribed him, probably not. There is always a pretty good chance that he wouldn't get his job of choice, though, so they might want to be prepared for that.
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