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but I'm working on it. I grew up with parents that saved EVERYTHING!!!! And I am trying to break the habit. It's really hard for me, too, because I'm unschooling and you never know when a kid will be interested in something. So, I'm gonna enjoy this group to get some helpful tips on being able to life a free life at home without all the stuff!!
but it won't put food on the table. We unschool our boys and we want them to see that loving life can continue when you are grown up. My hubby is stuck in a job field that he is good at, but doesn't really like much. So, I guess I'm asking is how do we pursue his passion yet have money to eat with? TIA!
So, my 3rd son came to me crying saying his tooth hurts. I know he has a cavity that's pretty deep. So, I called our dentist (who is new and we haven't seen yet) and he told us to put him on antibiotics. This would be his first time with antibiotics.  We do probiotics everyday, so my question is do I up his dose of probiotics and when do I give him that after the antibiotics?
Hi, I hear the stressfulness in your voice. :) I am a mom to 4 boys and we homeschool, so there are messes ALL the time in our house. People know before hand that they come to a house full of learning, mess making boys. :) When it comes to cleaning up. I join them. I don't like cleaning alone, why would they? So, we pick the messiest of messes and start there. For daily maintenance, it's usually me doing it. But, if I ask them to help most of them will. They know it's...
So, I called my NMD today and have a moment tomorrow evening to come by and have her take a look and tell me what she thinks we need to do next. He woke up this morning still with hives. His legs look a lot better, but they are still all over his body. I will post after I talk with her and let you know what she thinks is the next step.
Thanks, you guys. I'm going to give my NMD a call today and hopefully talk with her about it. Find out what we can do next. See if she can order that test or even send me in the right direction. It is frustrating worrying about what to do and when to do it. Especially right now, we are in the middle of pollen season. We've had lots of rain out here so everything is blooming! I'm tempted to put him in a bubble.
A little background. I'm a mom to 4 boys. My ds2 has had eczema for as long as I can remember. His was dairy/soy related. He has pretty much outgrown this. Now, ds4 has the same issues. And never really had a huge outbreak of eczema. We've been controlling it with diet. His and my diet...he's still nursing. So, just recently he broke out into hives. They started on his eczema areas and now have moved to the rest of his body. He's covered with them. I've given him some...
How long have you been CDing?5+ years How do you like it? Love it Why do you cloth diaper? Fun, easy, cheap What kind of dipes are in your stash? kissaluvs, prefolds, bg, fb What's your favorite diaper/diaper combo? prefolds and bg What kind of wipes do you use? depends, cloth/disposable What kind of diaper solution do you use?just a wash What is your overnight system?disposables Do you/how do you rinse off your CD before pailing them? no What...
I plan on taking my ds who is about 26lbs out hiking. I would either use my Ergo or a wrap. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Like the Ergo has the nice hood to use to cover dc head when asleep or the sun is too bright. And the wrap is very comfy and is very versatile. Have fun hiking!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Storm Bride IME and imo, almost anything is normal for a 3 year old. When ds2 was 3 (and even since he's been 4, to some extent), the behaviour you describe was the good days. (I'm making the assumption, since you didn't mention such things, that people aren't being hit, things aren't being broken/thrown and you're not dealing with peeing on the floors or in the sink.) I think a lot of it is just age. But, some of it may be...
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