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Thanks, that's what I think it is as well. Someone else suggested to looking into maybe doing some arthritis blood work. I don't really know if it's that as well. But, who knows?!
My almost 6 year old son, for the past couple of months, has been complaining of pain in his legs and knees. Nothing else bothers him. And sometimes he says that they are stiff. Is this growing pains? He's grown 2 inches in less than a year. I took him in to the ped today, because hubby was worried about a sinus infection. Anyway, that's when I found out how much he has grown. I got the doc this time, not the nurse practitioner that I really like. But, when I asked him...
Quote: Originally Posted by digitsums Hello, everyone, it's nice to meet you! I have been unschooling for a pretty long time (about 8 or 9 years), and now have two children in college and dance school. The other two are at home (11 and 12 yrs. old). I wasn't able to find an unschooling support group when I needed it most! I am basically happy with how things have worked. At the same time I still have doubts and questions. Where I live, there is a...
This week we started out doing some St. Patty's day crafts. My oldest 2 sons chose which ones that they wanted to do. Then, yesterday we went to the zoo to look at different habitats. For my oldest sons supplemental class they are to make a diarama (sp?) of a specific habitat and he chose desert. (How great, since we live in one!!) So, today we are gonna work on that until we are going to another unschoolers house to watch 'The Business of Being Born'. Tomorrow is just a...
I'm hsing my 3 boys. Well, really right now, it's my almost 6yo and my 4yo. And since I've been pg with the next baby, I've been sooooo exhausted. Any ideas on how I can help keep my self motivated to help my kids. Or is it ok to give myself the ok to slack a bit and let them just 'play' together a lot more than normal? We do a lot of reading and go for some walks to examine things in our neighborhood. But, doing projects and things, just wears me out!! They do help me...
Thanks everyone! I have been curious about hypnobirthing. It sounds like something that could help me. I think that it would help me focus on what my body is doing and not the pain.
I have 3 boys. All born in the hospital. Since this is my last baby, I'm having him my way. At home in the water, I hope. I'm just wondering, how did you all prepare yourselves mentally? I've been watching videos and talking to people who have done it. I'm really not too worried, I just want to be prepared.
I've never heard of California soap. I will look into it. Thanks!!
So, my poor 4yo has bad eczema on his legs from soy and milk. Now I'm thinking that it's also a result from inhalant allergies as well. He gets really raw and irritated at this time of year because everything is starting to bloom now. I have never found any good soap for him to use in the tub, or even if I should use any soap. So, I'm wondering if any of you have come across any herbally made soap good for crazy itchy dry skin.
When my son started getting eczema at around that age as well. We found out that he was allergic to milk and soy products. As soon as I stopped both of those, his eczema cleared up completely. It can be so frustrating. We are having issues with it again. And he is 4 now.
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