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I double hear ya!! I just had a melt down the other day. The advice I got was to get out of the house and make the day special. So, that it's different from every other day. Definitely vent away!! It really does help to get it off of your chest! *hugs*
Thanks you guys!! The support is awesome!! Really! I think that is definitely what I needed to hear!! Things are better today. But, I will definitely keep in mind all that you have suggested and try it. We are in AZ, so it's not as cold as some have it. Today I think I'll get us all dressed and go for a walk. It's only supposed to get to 60 degrees today, cold!!! So, we'll bundle up. But, you all are right, I do need to get out of the house!! Thank you thank you thank...
Lately, my newly turned 4yo son has been sooooo uber whiny and very non self-reliant. He refuses to put on his own shoes, get dressed by himself, even go pee by himself. I'm sure I'm mostly at fault, because I do help him or do it for him. For the past 1 1/2 weeks we've been homebound because we've all been sick. I haven't had a break to even shower by myself, literally. Well, today I lost it with my son. He spilled some juice on the floor and I threw a towel at him and...
Thanks you guys! Turmeric...who knew? I'll try it!!
Ok, so my boys have been sick all week and now it's mine and my 18mos olds turn. I'm 15 weeks pregnant and have a horrible phlemy cough that just racks my whole body. Any ideas on what I can do to help with that herbally? I don't want to resort to popping ibruprofen. Also, my hips ache from coughing and being feverish. I'm just at a loss. I've just started drinking lemon tea with honey. And that seems to help some. TIA!!
Also check out Sandra Dodd's website. She's got some good suggestions. She leans more towards unschooling radically, but gives good suggestions on what to read.
This site is saying it's by the age of 7 in Vermont I hope that this helps!
Congratulations!! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!
I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant and am still nursing my 18 mos old little guy and he hasn't noticed a decrease in milk. I'm noticing the pain when he latches on and off. Does that ever go away??
I am still nursing my 18mo old and I am almost 15 weeks pregnant. And boy does it hurt!! Will this hurting continue thru the whole pregnancy?? Or does it get better again. It's hurting enough that I really want him weaned!!
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