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Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy So if the kid is found liable, and the parents are not, what happens? How is a non trust fund kid to pay the compensation? Can they really expect the parents to pay it, when they were found innocent? Does the judgement sit there until the kid turns 18, and then they have to work to pay it? The judgment will remain until the children turn 18 and they have to begin paying. But, the judgment also gains...
I used to get the normal Mothering.com home page, but now I get this... http://tinypic.com/r/2646teq/4
I would stay. I did some work with a preschool who encouraged parents to stay for about 2 weeks, with the time spent there less and less as the weeks went on. The kids really adjusted well to school with this method.
I hope this doesn't happen to your daughter, but when I needed a root canal, the pain came on extremely suddenly, absolutely out of nowhere. It was the most severe, debilitating pain I've ever experienced. I'm sure it is different for everyone though. I'd probably fill the most problematic cavities, even if they're going to come out soon.
If he doesn't like it, I'd just let him stop going. Maybe ask him his thoughts about it? Maybe he does like it and just isn't sure how to get involved? He'll probably tell you if he'd be happier not going. Three year olds shouldn't really have obligations anyway.
Have you tried therapy for her?
Paradise Lost-about the West Memphis Three
Is the mobile site supposed to look just like the regular site?
Why don't you want the baby to have an x-ray? The risks of an x-ray/CT are minimal compared to a possible brain injury. Brain injury is nothing to mess with.
A house for less that $12,000? I'd do it in a second.
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