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I buy a huge bag of onions, chop them all that day and freeze in gallon zip loc bags. I have to do this about once every couple of months and it makes cooking time very easy. I do this with peppers as well. If you have a friend that is willing, I'd go this route. One pan of brownies every couple of months in trade for some onion chopping isn't too much to ask of a friend.
We've only turned on the heat once this year (68), but we are in Florida. Last spring we jammed so much insulation into our attic that even on the 40 degree nights it rarely gets below 68 in the house.
I have two zippered binders filled with baseball card inserts. I also have a large accordion file folder where I file uncut inserts by date.
My DH was like that for the first 6 years of us being parents. He has since learned about my days and has immense gratitude for what i do AND has apologized profusely for his past behavior. According to him he felt incredible resentment toward me because he worked all day while I got to sit and play. At least from his perspective. He watched on his days off and saw what I did and witnessed the emotional strain I went through, that was what did it. Leaving the kids...
Quote: Originally Posted by warriorprincess I would support her in anything but abortion. Quote: Originally Posted by KMK_Mama Me too. I would hope she would choose to keep the baby. Can I ask what you would do if she did choose to abort?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Charm Minus the naked part and couponing, that was pretty much what I did Oh I highly recommend the naked dancing part, it's rather freeing and something I'd never do if someone were home. You know...you only live this life once and it never hurts to look stupid on the way to the laundry room in search of a towel when DH used the last one. :
Hrm. Petty, IMO. I would never dream of asking someone to pretend to be something they were not, wedding or otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamamille Hi SAHP! I am a SAHM who is coming against the same challenges as you all. No space, rest, friends to keep me going. What do you do when you are the primary care giver, and housewife, and need a break? What do you do to recharge when you have a moment, or two, that doesn't require a gym membership, a latte, or a new pair of shoes? Thank you for your ideas. I tuck the kids into bed, put dad in...
This one is somewhat difficult for me to answer because I've homeschooled one or both kids off and on for the past few years. As of Monday, I'm homeschooling DD again, but DS is in school. I'll answer your questions from the times when both kids were in school. I have went back to school myself. I clean the house. I cook all meals. I work out. I run errands that DH can't due to his long work hours. I manage this entire household. I spent a couple years working...
I'm wondering if other families with a SAHP and one wage earner have 6 months of living expenses in savings for emergencies? No, we never had 6 months of savings. We had quite a bit, but DH's salary was quite high and we never saved that much. Do you have savings? About 14k, but that's fading very quickly. 6 months of stockpiled food that we are eating through because we know we are moving cross country. Did you save ahead of time before having a SAHP? We did not,...
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