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Complete full-year Montessori curriculum including Yoga cards and Art Guide and Supplement. $75 includes shipping, great condition.   http://www.newchildmontessori.com/   Thanks! Brenna
This is our second year of Oak Meadow and next year I'll be doing 3rd and 1st grades. I can't speak for the later grades, but Oak Meadow 1st grade sounds like exactly what you're looking for.  You can make it more or less "Waldorfy" as per the rhythms of your home life. We are a little less Waldorfy and a little more interest-led, but their is a lot of guidance and room to customize. Good luck!
Hi, Kris, I don't know if I can be much help, but here is my situation. My 2nd grader and K girls have always been homeschooled, but I have an 18 year old who went all the way through the public school system. She is a very bright, socially intelligent, fun-loving girl. However, she became so beaten down by the pressure at school that she suffered from some major learned helplessness. It will probably be a long time until she is ready for a four-year university- not from a...
I really enjoyed the Seasonal Activities article.  I need reminders and help with finding a yearly rhythm for my family.  We will be using the "sit spot" suggestion more and more as the weather warms up!  
I have New Child Montessori, the whole package, fabulous condition. A guide for each season, art for the Montessori classroom, teacher's process guide, yoga cards, everything. http://www.newchildmontessori.com/ Let me know if you're interested!
My middle is a dead heat between 4 learning styles.  I think that means we are on the right track!  :-)   Brenna  
OP, I had felt the same way a year ago when we began with my middle daughter- a kindergartener.  I researched myself silly.  I bought several (many) things that SOUNDED good, but realistically do not fit our way of life or way of homeschooling.  A year later, I am allowing us to take a little from here and there.  And "not do" a lot.  I am getting much better at "not doing."  :-) Yes, Waldorf is lovely. Start incorporating a little bit (maybe fairy tales and wet on wet...
Hi and welcome! I have 16, 6 and 4 year old girls and the 6 yo will be homeschooling, too.  We have been with ABC Pediatricare for years and are VERY happy (diagnosing croup from a cell phone held up to a baby's mouth at midnight = rockstar).  Watkin's Park is fun-- it's about 30 minutes away and FREE and has a huge playground, nature center, farm, train, and carousel.  The nature center is a great homeschool spot.   Feel free to message me if you'd like to grab...
Thanks so much, ladies!  
A friend and I may begin reselling slings and cloth diapers in our area.  There is no where to buy them nearby!!  Can you believe it?    I thought I'd go right to the ladies in the know: Which slings and carriers should we carry?  What are your favorites?  Which carriers rocked your world and were 100% worth the money?   Thanks!!
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