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Subbing to this thread.  We have orders to move to Ft. Hood end of Oct/beginning of Nov. and I'm looking for a homebirth midwife.  
I'll be moving to Ft. Lee in 3 months.  It's just outside of Richmond.  I have an almost 7 month old, plus 4 more children.  We homeschool and would love to meet up sometime and get to know some of the other MDC moms in the area!  I'm hoping to get some info on the area.
After having 3 girls, and now 2 boys, my boys are destined for pink.  And you know what, it's really okay.  If you had asked me with my first child if I'd be okay putting pink and flowers on my boys, I probably would have said no, but they're diapers and they're just getting pooped and peed in.  Nobody really sees them.  We even let our toddler run around the house in nothing but a pink diaper now, lol.  And we did not find out the gender of this last baby, but I bought...
My favorites are Very Baby newborn AIO's.  Everything else, including Kissa 0's, are just too big and bulky on my little guy.  He was only 6 lb. 12 oz. though.  My 2 babies that were over 8 lbs. fit regular newborn diapers a lot better than my 3 tiny babies.  We can do the Green Mountain newborn diapers on him, but even those are pretty bulky.  If there's a next time I might buy some of the preemie prefolds since they have less layers I believe.  
Believe it or not, once your milk comes in, you'll go through that stash in less than 2 days.  I've got about 2.5 dozen fitteds and AIO's and another dozen newborn prefolds and we're going through all 2.5 dozen of the fitteds and AIO's in 2 days, using prefolds while we wash evey other day.  My little one is a week old.
I only went postdates with my first baby.  The rest have been early or within a day of their due date.  The last 2 have been 9 and 12 days early, but it seems with both my placenta was starting to fail and get old.  I would assume that if my placenta's had remained healthy, they both would have been closer to the due date.   That said, my midwives have always said that most women tend to follow their patterns and it sounds unlikely that you'd go before your due date....
  My husband was deployed when I was pregnant with my 3rd and came home for R&R only 4 days before my due date.  I had had my 2nd child 4 days prior to my due date, but we didn't want him to come home any sooner and chance not even getting to meet the new baby.  So I definitely did not wish to go before my due date with that one.  And I didn't do anything to encourage my body to go into labor.  He did make it home and on my due date we went in for an appt. and had my...
Congratulations!!!  That's so tiny!  My little guy was a little less than a lb. more than that and he seems miniature to me with very little fat.  I'm glad it sounds like you both are doing well!
This was nearly exactly my pre-labor symptoms this time.  After about 24 hours of excess mucousy discharge, it turned slightly bloody and about 24 hours after that my baby was born.  It sounds like your very close.  
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