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  Ugh, you are right. What do I do about that? I mean, it's loan money, it's not like it's really even mine. And it has to last 6 months!!! I guess I could use it to buy gift debit cards for myself or something. Would that be really wrong of me? I don't want to cheat anyone, or trick the "system." But I CAN NOT make it without food stamps.
Thanks everyone. It helps to talk this out. I fake a lot of bravado in my real life to all the doubters, because I don't want to let them think I that I think I can't do it.   My kids are in school full-time, so I've completely avoided the need for daycare. I have my schedule set just perfectly to allow for taking them to school/picking them up. There isn't a ton of time in between classes for working. I have a few hours a week, (like maybe 6)  but I really wanted to...
I have about $600 in savings, plus the $1200 left over from financial aid that I will be receiving soon. My ex SAYS that he will pay child support, but I'm not holding my breath. I will be applying for food stamps, and they will help me get child support from him. If he pays what he is supposed to, that will be $400 per month, and $600 after bills/food seems much more manageable. But I feel like I need to plan only on the $200. I have NO IDEA how I will continue on if I...
I'm trying to figure out my budget. I am going to college full time starting this fall, and my two kids and I will be living in family housing. My entire income is coming from grants and student loans.   After paying tuition and bills (rent/utilities/insurance/cell phone/internet) I will have $210 per month. My bills are pretty fixed, there is nothing I can reduce. (The internet is $108 per semester, and I really need it so that I can avoid spending hours in a...
Worthy! I LOVE that house! What a gorgeous, gorgeous old home. The yard may be small, but it is darling, too. Wow.
Do you have any pictures of the new place, Worthy? I love seeing cute houses. :)
Yay Worthy! Congrats, how exciting!
I just popped into read everyone's updates, and leave one of my own! You guys all sound like you are doing well. Worthy, I'm glad you are so happy with your new plan. That sounds very smart. As much as I love living on land in the country, there is definitely something to be said for in-town conveniences. Congrats to all of you that have moved, and good luck to all who are still in the process!   I am still living with my parents, until August 1. I am counting down...
That's great, josybear! Good for you!! Sounds like you are on a great track.   I agree with what you said at the end. Yes, it's a few years of some serious hard work and maybe not having very much time for them, but on the other hand, you could be working two full-time jobs for minimum wage and be stuck there permanantly.
Okay, thanks Ellie'sMom! I wondered why certain things were circled, especially when I have no concerns about hygiene or behavior! (well, behind his ears gets pretty grubby and it concerns me, but not enough to talk to a doctor. :D  )
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