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I am supposed to enroll in college in a few weeks, and I am supposed to bring my vax records. I am 29 years old, and I'm pretty sure I'm fully vaxxed, I know the doctors checked everything when I was pregnant with both of my kids.   But I have no idea who to contact to get my records. Would my ob from my pregnancy still have stuff like that, even if it's been 7 years since I was there?
Thank you all for your thoughts!   And...I already went. Tonight. I think it was good. For one, he is an old friend. And two, he's SUCH a nice guy and absolutely nothing happened. I think we accidentally bumped into each other at one point, but that was the only physical contact.   I had a good time, and I'd like to go out again some time, perhaps have a slightly less-chaste date. Haha! It was good to catch up with him, regardless of whatever else happens.
after seperating before going on the first date?   My husband and I had been planning to seperate since February 2012, we knew it was happening but for convenience I stayed in the home until this month. I moved out two weeks ago.   However, I have been asked out on a date (already!) by an old friend/ high school boyfriend that I haven't seen in 12 years, and I'm unsure if I should go. I really want to, but I'm scared that it's just way too soon. Not because I'm...
Well, almost everything I own is in a 10x10 storage unit, and only the few things I need over the next two months (my clothes, makeup, computer) and a few things my kids need (a small box of toys, their bunkbed, and their clothes) are here at my mom's house, where we will be staying until August 1. I cannot WAIT to get my apartment! These next two months are really going to help me to appreciate it.   I am totally decluttered. When I get my place, I only have exactly...
  Worthy, I feel exactly the same. My limbo feeling should go away in August when I move into my new apartment, but until then....LIMBO!
I LOVE paying other people's way. If I can afford to buy their dinner, or movie ticket, it makes me happy. Probably because I can rarely afford to do so! But it is something that really brings me joy, to do something like that for someone.   I am trying to be more accepting and gracious when others do the same for me. My friend/supervisor bought me lunch many, many times over the last few years. Other friends have bought me movie tickets or gifts. I always try to pay...
My mom came over and helped me pack some today, and then she took it away in her car to go to the storage unit. I guess I'm going to be living with her until August, when I move into my apartment, so everything I don't need between now and then is going to storage. Yikes, it makes me nervous! But we packed away half of my books, all of my (and the kids') off-season clothing, a few knick-knacky things. It's a start!
I need to move this weekend. I was planning on moving in August, so I've been decluttering. But I was NOT expecting to move in two days, and I have to work all day tomorrow. I need moving tips! I've moved tons, but never with no notice. I have zero boxes.   I am not taking everything (divorce, I'm leaving half of the stuff) and I don't have to leave the place clean behind me.   Help! I'm panicking!
Excellent!! That sounds great.   This will be my first time in school, and I'm SO freaking excited. You are awesome, and you can totally do the PhD thing. We are going to rock this! You too, Phoenix Mama!
Mommel, I'm glad to read your encouragement!   I didn't realize that TANF is available for full-time students. That's good to know. Do you work? (I know you are doing lots of work, I mean a paid job :)  ) I'm very unsure of being able to work, because I'm hoping to plan all my classes around my kids' school, and I'd like to avoid daycare at all. I know no one in the town I'm moving to, and I'd like to spend all my non-school time with the kids!      
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