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      I disagree. My husband worked at walmart in the distribution center, and he was appalled by the way items were handled. Even big screen tvs were tossed around and dropped like they were nothing. Those people make crap money, they don't care how the items arrive at the store or if the store loses money.   OP, I'd have done the same as you in that situation.
The fees for Redbox are $1  day. So if you keep the movie for four days, it's $4.   I guess I don't see how Redbox will really save money. The new Netflix is an extra $5 a month. So if you get five Redbox movies, that's it. And you have to remember to return them on time. I've also not been thrilled with Redbox's selection, and I don't like how long it takes them to get the brand new movies.
There is a blog that shows what shows are coming up for streaming...let me see if I can find it...   http://feedfliks.com/streaming/coming-soon    I treat Netflix streaming like I used to treat TV. Whatever is on, that's what I watch. I like it better than satellite TV. I can watch an entire series, without commercials. I can pick what episodes I want to watch or skip. I can fast forward through boring parts.   For $8 a month (or even $15) it's still better...
Do not short sale or foreclose if you can at all help it. Been there, done that (except for the 'being able to help it' part. :P ) and it sucks all the way around.   I agree, if you have to, get the $10,000 loan, as long as it's still affordable for you.
Macandcheese, I just read an article yesterday that Netflix bought the rights to Mad Men, so that should be available soon.   I still think its a hell of a deal. We don't have any other tv service, so streaming is our only television. I think it's fantastic. I'll be dropping the DVD option, but only because I don't really use it. I have a movie I got June 9 and I still haven't watched it yet.
Digging a well can be VERY expensive. Is there anywhere you can haul water from? I know in our area, lots of people go to water towers where they purchase water and haul it home in big containers.
I have an umbrella-style clothes line and I really like it. We cement a small section of PVC pipe into the ground so we can slide the clothesline into it and take it back out again easily when we move. I had to order my line from a True Value type hardware store because I couldn't find one anywhere (and I didn't want to pay shipping.) I'm glad I did this, because we have moved three times since I bought it, and so although it was a bit more expensive than just doing...
Wow, that looks amazing!!
Very cool, can't wait to see pictures!!
You won't get diapers from WIC.   There may be a way you can get something else from WIC, if you explain that you do not use formula and that you won't be able to breastfeed. And you'll only get formula for the first year, anyway, and then you'll start getting food for the child. (Milk, cheese, etc.)   I don't think it's a bad thing to donate anything you don't use. It doesn't seem like stealing at all.  
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