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Thank you all so much for replying. Especially those of you in Missouri. It helps to know that! The health clinic where my DD gets the immunizations keeps sending me notices that she's OVERDUE (in big bold highlighted letters.) Should I ignore them or let them know that we're not going to continue, at least not at this time?
That's a good question. My husband and I are atheists, so I wasn't sure what our options were. Can we still just claim religious exemptions? Do we need to explain to people our beliefs?
I'm new to all this, and still in the middle of my research, but I'm fairly certain that my children will not be getting any more vaccines, unless some REALLY GOOD information comes to light soon! But there are some VPDs that I hope my kids get! Specifically chicken pox. I'd rather them have it as children and have immunity from it for life than get vaxxed now and then get chicken pox or shingles as adults when it's more dangerous. I really, really do not get the...
Talk about fear mongering. Oh, yes ALL children ALWAYS die when they get the flu. Ridiculous.
I've only begun researching vaccinations, but I've decided to halt everything until I do a LOT more research. My 2 1/2 year old had all of his shots. My DD is 6 months, and I missed her 4 month shots because I'm so undecided on what to do. I live in Missouri, where we have religious and medical exemptions. We are atheists, so I'm assuming I can't claim religious reasons for not vaxxing. How hard is it to get a medical exemptions? I don't have any clear-cut reason why...
We got our willow switches today! (We cut them off of the willow tree growing in my grandma's yard.) Dh is going to build the dome tomorrow. I cannot wait!
Don't do it! We went out to dinner last night for the first time in AGES and I succomed to the lure of Pepsi. Worse than that, Dh ordered my two year old DS a Pepsi, too. They brought it out in a HUGE cup and he drank a bunch of it. Both of my kids (my 6 month old is breastfed) were jittery and hyper. I felt soooo guilty. I felt like I had drugged my children. (Which is technically true.) DS was hopping and bouncing and giggling like crazy. It took both DH and I to...
Thanks everyone, for the lovely welcome! I'm having so much fun reading all the posts. I'm learning so much!
I'm so in love with this idea!!! I've already convinced DH that we need to put a willow house in our back yard. My grandma has a willow tree in her yard. Can I just cut some branches from it and use them? Will any old branch work? (of correct length, of course.) When is the best time of year to plant them?
Hello! I've been reading on the forum for awhile now, and decided to join. I kept seeing discussions I was just dying to jump into, but couldn't! I have two children, Wesley, who is 2 1/2, and Alice, who is almost 6 months. I'm a stay at home mom, and I love it! I can't wait to get to know all of you!
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