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I voted 9.30. LoveBug will be 13 YO in a few months, and his bedtime on weekdays is now 9.15. (He goes to the bathroom to brush etc. at 9.15.) In bed by 9.30 an then I sit next to his bed and we talk for a few minutes before he falls asleep. He gets up at 7.10.  If there is something special going on, like a favorite tv-show or something, he stays up later. (Champions League soccer games some evenings etc.)   In the weekends he goes to bed around midnight, and will sleep...
Today I`m making a yummy broccoli salad, and serve with some buffalo wings on the side.
Yes, more or less every day. It`s mostly just me and LoveBug (12 YO), but once a week his best friend eats dinner with us, and once a week his father comes over for dinner. Some days we eat in front of the Tv, but most days we eat in the kitchen when it`s just the two of us.
I will see what I can dig up. But, everything I have read about it is in Norwegian, so it might be a little hard for you to read it. I`ll see if I can find anything in English later today.
I want to shop less, and be more frugal. I want to be even more aware of what I have, what I need, what I can do without and what I can fix/make into something else. For me, this is something I want to do both for financial and environmental reasons.   My goal: To shop responsible in 2014. To use what I have. To not buy clothes, make up, stuff for the apartment and other "luxury items", unless the item I am replacing is too small/to big/not fixable. To only buy the...
Here in Norway shop-stop is a "new trend" it seems. Several books written on the subject last year, several big groups on Facebook, and a lot of interviews in the papers/magazines etc.   Is anyone interested in a shop-stop thread here?  Everyone can define their own rules, and use this thread to keep accountable.
Spiderdust: I never made the chicken. My internet fell out that day, so I had no way of finding the recipe! So I made something else with the chicken.     Yesterday I made soft taco`s with lettuce, minced beef with seasoning, sour cream, cheese etc. I wanted to use the beef, cause it was close to it`s expiration date. On Tuesday I made a nice meal with the leftover chicken from Sunday. (I made a stirfry on Sunday, with chicken and lots of veggies.) So on Tuesday...
Can I join?     I am a Norwegian, single mama to my 12 YO LoveBug. Living in Norway is extremely expensive, so this is a challenge right up my alley. We just moved into a new apartment 8 days ago, so I don`t have a lot of old food laying around, but I have a bad habit of not using what is in my freezer/fridge, because it looks boring/I don`t want that kind of food that day etc. And, then it goes bad and I throw it out...   So, I need a challenge like this!...
Good luck moving!!   I live in Norway, and am low income. There is no way I could pay as little as 33% of my income in rent. There just aren`t any apartments that cot that little.. I am moving into a new apartment next week, after searching for a place I can afford for 4 months. It`s a one bedroom 450sq feet apartment. It will cost me almost $1000 a month. That is over 50% of my income.  
Tonight was pizzanight. We are staying with LoveBug`s (paternal) Grandma, so I made pizza for 10 people today. With ground chicken, tomatosauce and cheese. A huge salad on the side.   Tomorrow is pork chops, I think. Rice, some kind of sauce and salad on the side.  
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