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You could make her something with xylitol in it and ask her to eat it last. Or..does she like cheese? Pack her some cheddar chz, it is great for teeth!
Spiffies! are great! You can get them on ebay along with some stores. They have xylitol my kids really liked them. We always got grape.
He's 4. We've had xrays before but not in the last year and not with this dentist. He's had issues in the past and I guess it's why I'm so paranoid. So dark stains on molars is pretty normal, especially if they are deep pitted? That makes me feel a little better.
Hi, My son has some dark stains on his teeth. We took him to a dentist, who couldn't do xrays, but felt them with his pointer thingy and said they weren't sticky at all and were just stains. They are mostly in the grooves of his molars. I am worried about them though and am looking for more opinions. Thoughts? I will probably just take him for xrays somewhere else to be sure. :sigh
Rastamom, the closest place to you ASAIK would be Canada. Dr. Chris is incredible! We live in MI and have traveled to him for HealOzone twice and had incredible results. I am completely envious that you live so close! Congratulations!
I found with our pediatric dentist, that the hygenists told us we couldn't be back with our child, but the dentist said we absolutely could be. We actually have found a lot of instances like this with dentists, where their hygenists say things and they say something else. It makes the pre-screening process pretty difficult.
The only thing I've ever heard being successful is garlic garlic garlic! I mean, downing cloves and cloves of it! I couldn't do it, and got so sick and went on antibiotics to get rid of mine.
Lesse...name brands. The active greens are Organic Active Greens by Living Ecology. The trace minerals are by NatureMost Laboratories, 100% Natural Colloidal Minerals, trace-mineral concentrate. I basically went into the HFS and talked with them about what they recommended and why. The active greens have probiotics plus sprouted nutrients, and the trace mineral concentrate has selenium, which I read many children with tooth decay are short on. It also has...
I would love to! We limit juice to one a day, and that is orange juice that he drinks with cod liver oil and high vitamin butter. Sugars and white flour very limited. Brush teeth 2x a day, floss once. We use a flouride/xylitol mix on the teeth with brushing, and then I coat his teeth with Recaldent tooth mousse (also called GC tooth mousse or MI paste) and try to make it a half hour before he eats anything. I give him gum with Recaldent or Xylitol in between meals....
We went to a dentist today, who examined my son and said he had no cavities...he called the dark spots "stains" but I am pretty sure they were cavities we fixed with remineralizing. I can't tell you at what level the decay was because I just started proactively and agressively remineralizing without an actual prognosis from a dentist, but I am just so happy that it worked! Maybe he didn't actually have cavities, but I'm pretty clued in to what one looks like, and I'm...
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