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Quote: Originally Posted by A&A Because the U.S. is a more aggressive, violent country than Canada. And I'm afraid the average IQ in Canada might be a few points higher than in the US as well.
I just got really nervous that I should have been rinsing my rice all those years.
Well, after 6 yrs of using cloth diapers, I feel OK about using little disposable plastic fossers if they make flossing my kids teeth a breeze. Their teeth are unfortunately spaced close together, so regular floss is really difficult because it tends to be thicker. I'll have to check out the other contraptions though...if they work great, better for the environment and I can find a thin floss...I'll definitely choose that. It's cheaper too.
Roast chicken with diced potatoes and glazed carrots Venison soup with beans, rice, carrots, redskins, onions, tomatoes, etc. Lemon pepper salmon with sauteed swiss chard Sesame beef stir fry with zuccini, carrots, and basmati rice Enchiladas Mixed green salad with cucumbers offered with every meal (we are slowly working back into a Nourishing Traditions diet.)
He probably won't want to do anything about the chip, unless the tooth starts to discolor. Is it a permanent tooth? Bummer!
My grandparents are extremely pro circ, and while they won't be circing any boys of their own, they have a huge influence on their grandchildren at this point. I got tremendous pressure to circ my son, and he was born at home..when my grandma came to see him here, he was less than 24 hrs old and she asked if he was circ'ed. : I told her it wasn't something a MW nor myself would do. I know my cousin circ'ed his son because of a lot of pressure from my grandparents, and...
I'd get some fresh spring colostrum from a cow instead, if I could.
Vaccinations, along with other choices, are something I tend to do more research on, so therefore, DH kind of trusts me to make the decisions on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by kidspiration i think the second part of this question is..."WHY" do parents vaccinate their children? is it BECAUSE of policies like school mandates? i know from my own personal experience, the first question usually out of people's mouths when they find out about us not vaxing is how dd will attend school. so anecdotally, it does seem like the overwhelming majority of parents who fully vax do so primarily to comply with...
I was vegetarian when I concieved my daughter and was almost vegan when I concieved my son. I craved meat with both, and I followed that. In short, I agree with you and I think it'd be wise to follow your body's lead.
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