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Quote: Originally Posted by LongIsland Compliance rates by vaccine, geographical area, etc.: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/immunize.htm Interesting. It isn't as high as I thought.
Quote: Originally Posted by pdx.mothernurture Children are not slabs of clay to permanently mold and mar as parents see fit; they’re human beings. Circumcision may be the most profound example, next to slavery, of people being reduced to property. Proclaiming circumcision as a parental choice takes advantage of an infant’s temporary developmental inability to articulate his opposition in anything but uncoordinated struggle; he tenses against the...
Thank you...I'll be talking to our farmer to see exactly what she feeds in the winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by JaneS Too bad Krismarie! Many farmers do not know how damaging grain is... and even a little bit alters beneficial CLA production in the milk. What about organic corn? What is the appropriate thing for Michigan farmers to do in the winter months, then?
Quote: Originally Posted by jaxinsmom That would involve a man or men admitting there was something 'wrong' with their penis : But don't you think a lot of men would be interested in monetary "compensation?" I see it happening, and I think 18 yr olds suing doctors is what's going to change this whole thing around...quick! It wouldn't take much for doctors to be too afraid of repurcussions. I'll definitely be encouraging my nephews, and...
Quote: It's a balancing act between diplomacy and activism and I always have this little voice in the back of my head saying *...careful, don't push too much you don't want her to run away and do it out of spite...* __________________ That's it exactly. It has to be done carefully and too much force can give them the excuse to go the other way, and not even neccessarily out of spite, but also because it makes it easy for them to write us off as...
Where are all these other forums? I guess I'm clueless. I belong to a few other local online groups and am definitely vocal there.
That is awesome! I live in MI and will be sending a letter as well! Maybe more voices will help...I believe many foreskins will be saved if we can get this to pass!
I'd just get him a baby brush, those rubber thingies you put over your finger, and wipe his gums and teeth with Spry gel a few times a day. Or just use a wet washcloth and give him a few good wipings at night and in the morning. Prevention is key. Good luck!
I agree with you Karen, I absolutely agree that circ'ing is child abuse, but IMO that doesn't make parents the abusers...unless, of course, they are wielding the knife themselves. That's MY opinion, and I think the extended focus on blaming parents is kind of like blaming the single fisherman for eating all the salmon when commercial net came and snagged millions (ok...bad analogy but it kind of makes my point.) It's not the different approaches to education I have an...
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