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The only thing I can think of is probiotics...are you getting enough in your diet?
That's a good idea, Gitti! You could get your own capsules and do it yourself. Or...mix it in a glass of orange or tomato juice. I think Dr. Price gave it to the school kids that way and I just caught another discussion about CLO being absorbed better that way!
My kids don't like the tooth soap either... You could just brush with nothing on the brush if you wanted, though I have had people say they were able to remineralize while still using glycerin products so I don't know if I believe that part of the "Perfect Prescription" regimen. For me, the jury's still out on that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by maybeknott Could you PM me too : ? Yes! Sent!
Quote: Originally Posted by waterbaby Cassandra, sorry I wanted to know the name of the doctor in CA. Thanks I PMed you!
Quote: Originally Posted by TigerTail IT'S PHOTOSHOPPED. It's not illegal to crop a man's penis picture & shop it on a teenager (incidentally, one of legal age, in Britain where the play is being staged). Pedophilia is about prepubescent kids, anyway- hot teenagers may well be illegal for good reasons, but lusting after them is not clinically 'sick' in the way a pedo getting hot for a 7 yr old is. Oy. None of that makes it right. *I* think...
Quote: Originally Posted by ASusan I've been putting a raw egg into my smoothies since I got pg. I use the best eggs I can find. Fresh, local eggs are tough to find here in the winter, but I just scored a dozen yesterday! (so excited). However, before that, I bought eggs from "local" (in state) farms (free range, etc.) or "Amish" eggs at Whole Foods. I think the *main* concern is salmonella. I *think* that you can greatly reduce that risk by washing...
Quote: Originally Posted by silvermam I hope the eggs didn't hatch! cause you'd be eating chicks the fresher the better and if I didn't know when the egg was laid I wouldn't risk it. but thats me. Oops! I meant I don't know how long ago the eggs were laid! : I thought as much but thanks for the confirmation! Do you know how long is the most you'd really want to go?
Isn't Harry Potter under age? Why in the hell would they have a nude photo of him anywhere? : This is sick.
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