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I am nursing my 39 month old. He nurses at bedtime and morning. When I ovulate, I have incredible nipple pain, but so far nothing in this pregnancy. Part of me hopes he weans himself while i am pregnant, part of me isn't ready for him to be done. We will see how it goes.
A close friend of mine is a Passion Parties rep. She is doing awesome and apparently is one of the top 10 or so at sales in the country. I know she would love to talk to you. Her website is www.alifetimeofpassion.com and her email is alifetimeofpassion@ gmail. Good luck! I'd love to do it...she has so much fun, but I am the worlds worst salesperson:)
Progressive Pediatrics is WONDERFUL and very alt vax friendly. They offer their opinions and give options with no judgments (we are selectively/delayed vaxing, but I know some people no-vax, and others do the full schedule).
At about 10 months (which was 1 month ago), DS quit sleeping. I was lucky if he slept 1.5 hours straight. Up until that point he'd gone to his crib after we rocked him to sleep, then to bed with us. He quit going into his crib at all, and quit sleeping. I was nuts. I really had never felt sleep deprivation like that before, and it was awful. He learned to walk and got a tooth during that phase. It lasted about 2 weeks. Now, he's sleeping really well (5-6 hours), but...
Someone recently told me that they got a couple of pool noodles and put them under the sheets on each side of their 17 month old. It was just enough of a hump not to go over, but very inexpensive and convenient.
I had my baby @ St. Luke's in September. Dr. Slade was on call and was wonderful. I went into labor @ midnight Saturday morning, water broke @4pm, went to the hospital @ 8, 8cm, never progressed further. C/S @ 5pm Sunday. My night nurse was awesome. Sweet, supportive, patient with the fact that being in bed was AWFUL for me, and would be patient when she did HR monitoring (she'd just get a contractions worth and let me up, I HATED laying down - baby was OP). And...
There's a doctor named Patricia Elvir near WGV. I met with her before my son was born and she was very nice and very open to alternatives. I just decided to go with Progressive Peds b/c you can only get in as a newborn, and I felt like I could always switch later. Anyway, Dr. Elvir is friends with Drs. Miles and Ceron and may be an option for you.
I went to VanScriver's office. They are ABSOLUTELY wonderful! They were completely supportive of my NCB plan. There are 2 doctors - VS and Slade, and 1 midwife, Evelyn Brady. They're all very nice and helpful. They were never overly upset by things. Always spent TONS Of time with me. Slade was at my delivery, and she is great. I ended up with a C/S after a little over 30 hours of labor, 25 hours after broken waters, and 14 hours at 8cm dilated (3 on pitocin...
My mom had two C/S and has a perfectly flat stomach (and has had it since I can remember. I'm 27 and my sister is 23. Mine...well, I can't tell yet, since I've got too much plain old fat
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