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Quote: Originally Posted by yukookoo Then after dinner the rest of the group went to a candy store and dd and I went home. Friend says you probably dont want to go to the candy store because just taking her in there would bother you since she would be breathing the candy air. I found that comment really condescending and disrespectful; I take my parenting choices pretty seriously whether its no tv, no candy, or no alcohol at 2 years old. I think its so...
I took my DD on a plane when she was 6 weeks old. She was not vaxxed and EBF. She was almost a year old before she got her first cold. You should go and worry about more important things.
I know online videos really helped me when I was learning the different carries for my wrap. Good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by kittykat2481 That's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. Here's a link to get you started on your search. It's not the same seller I went through, but it is a very similar price.
I use to get this A LOT! I do a lot of crafty things and every project is greeted with, "you could have a business selling that." Knitting, quilting, making baby clothes, jewelry and a bunch of stuff I can't even do. But my favorite comment is when people say something like, "oh, DD must have a ton of stuff you made." Nope. When would I have the time? I'm a SAHM!
Wow! Your LO must have a ton of hair, and at 13 mo, no less!
I just bought this one. I don't think my DD is ready for it yet. But I'm dreading when I do have to give it to her. Within minutes I had 63 puzzle pieces all over my house! I guess I could only give her one puzzle at a time, right? Ugh, how does anyone else handle this much mess?
Quote: Originally Posted by kittykat2481 I'm looking into getting a small pitcher to put water in so he can learn to pour his own drink. This is something he is practically begging to do, and he does it at his montessori school. I bought a couple of small steel creamers from a coffee seller online. I think they were 3 and 5 oz each. The 3 oz one is very small, but it has worked for my DD so far because she can't spill very much liquid.
You might try adding a little bit of exercise into your day. I find if I don't do something I'll feel really exhausted. And maybe if you can't fall asleep earlier, try to at least be in bed and rest and slow down from your day.
I'm imagining this when I think of a bunch of children singing on a train. Or maybe this while I wait for my train. Whew! That was a lot of solfège!
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