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Quote: Originally Posted by paulamc As I mentioned, we don't allow TV / DVDs otherwise - I have read the research. We have no plans to allow TV anytime soon. DS is 15.5 months old. I guess I don't understand. I thought the Baby Signing Time DVD was a video you watch on TV. I know I've allowed my DD to watch a few youtube clips and other things, but I understand fully that all of that counts as TV watching, whether it is educational or not....
It sounds like you just have a "wrap." Maybe. I might need more coffee, I'm still waking up. Here are some instructions I found for a front carry. And a video demonstrating that carry. I hope if this isn't what you are looking for, it has at least gotten you on the right path.
This should be so simple, but I think I'm doing something wrong. I cook bacon and fried eggs most mornings. I usually cook the bacon first so I can use the bacon fat to fry the eggs. But my eggs come out really greasy and I end up using many paper towels blotting everything before eating. Is this just how it is done? What should I do differently? I've tried using less fat, but I have a stainless steel skillet and it seemed like the eggs were sticking too much....
How do you feel about having your LO in the shower with you? My DD sits in the bottom of the tub and plays in the water and has a grand time. Just throwing out ideas until you have time to purchase something.
Wow! Sew mama sew is awesome! What a great site. I'm going to be busy browsing there for a while.
I would love to hear a solution to this problem. My rule would be no coloring without supervision, but obviously that has many limitations. Sorry, that doesn't help. Maybe invest in washable paint for the walls!
I found a site on how to DIY. Link I bought a cloth book from pottery barn kids that had zippers, buttons, snaps, etc, maybe something like that would work for you.
I think you need to decide what is your view of babies watching tv. There is a lot of information out there regarding the subject. You don't need a dvd to teach your baby signs. I use this site a lot, aslpro, because it is really easy to navigate and the video clips really help with my signing. I have never used the baby signing dvds, so I can't say how well they work. But I can think of at least 30 signs my DD regularly uses and she understands much more and she is...
It seems like a lot of people are saying that this will blow over and your DD will forget. I would have to disagree. I had an uncle who would always tease me about my hair. He called it a "rat's nest" and would talk about it all of the time. I was probably about your DD's age. I even told him that I didn't like him any more and then felt really guilty when my aunt heard since I really liked her. Anyway, long story short, I still don't like my uncle. And I never...
Thanks! The Kwik Sew Toddler book looks really good, and that pattern looks exactly like what I wanted. I had never heard of pillowcase dresses. They look awesome and super easy! I have a friend who is queen of the thrift stores, I'll have her keep an eye out for cute vintage prints.
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