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I'm so sorry. Conscious and texting sounds like a good sign. I hope everything turns out okay.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ceinwen I would have laughed too! And if it were me on the phone and someone pointed it out to me, I would have sheepishly laughed! I think it's extremely rude that she called you a name. That's priceless! You are so NOT a b@@@@, and she sure acted like one!
Quote: Originally Posted by kittykat2481 MIL and her husband bought this for my *just turned* 2 year old. I dislike this toy for so many reasons, not the least of which being the fact that my son is terrified of it. I only wish it was still in the box so we could exchange it for something that would actually bring him joy. It was very expensive. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index...ductId=3502190 Funniest. Gift....
Quote: Originally Posted by Vancouver Mommy I have had to explain to family members that I allow my children to share physical affection only when it feels safe for them. Teaching a child that they must comply with an adults demand for affection tells them that they do not have sovereignty over their own bodies and leaves them vulnerable to sexual predators, IMHO. Quote: Originally Posted by Funny Face No. We teach respecting...
This will probably turn into one of those "who's the crunchiest" threads. I think most people do what is important to them and let the little things slide. I know with my daughter, I don't really like plastic toys so most of her toys are wood or natural materials. But that didn't stop me from buying plastic stacking cups or a plastic alligator glockenspiel. But I don't think that was compromising my beliefs... it just wasn't that big a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by MCatLvrMom2A&X I would have walked out to see if he was in the car. if he was and in the conditions you described I would have called police. The crying part I would have been shooting looks their way but past that I wouldnt have done anything. Without going outside, you really had no idea what happened. I would just forget the whole incident, there's nothing you can do now.
Kids "deserve" a stable family life that doesn't involve losing a home through foreclosure or bankruptcy. Four nights a month sharing a room with a step-sibling with a 4 or 6 year difference... not a big deal! Wouldn't it be weirder to have two bedrooms empty for 24-27 days out of the month?
Quote: Originally Posted by kl5 Toxins are not stored in the liver. That is a misconception that gets repeated here a lot. Here is an article that describes the liver's role in detoxifying the body. Metals and other contaminants may be found in the fat, depending on what the cattle were exposed to. (That said, I would honestly take these nutrient dense foods if they were offered to my family, especially if alternatives were not easily obtained or...
I think two sets of sheets is a good idea. I wore a warm top and only had my blanket and sheet come up to my waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by MamaMelis I laugh and say "I love Daddy too". If your kids see that they have the power to hurt you on a whim, they will surely use it. I give my children the right to feel what they are feeling in the moment without making them responsible for my feelings or my insecurities. Your kids adore you, I'm sure, you are their mother. They are also learning how to use language to get what they want and to get reactions or hurt...
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