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It varies... alot! I got my 6 weeks pp, and it's been completely regular ever since.
I bought a couple pairs of sunglasses at The Children's Place. They were maybe 2/$6 or something like that. No characters, just solid colors with some tiny rhinestones on the corners. I don't know about the uva/b protection, it is probably minimal. But I figure it is better than nothing for right now.
We don't buy a lot of gifts, but it really helps that we don't celebrate xmas or any other holidays. And the rest of the family is very conservative with gifts. But I do like buying my DH and DD things. I just don't make a big deal about it. And DD is still so young she really doesn't see much difference between a new, expensive toy and a bowl and spoon to bang around.
I LOVE those skirts. I'm very tempted to order one and then see if I could make another based off of that. I hate the feeling of taking business away from someone so talented, but they are a little expensive for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming Thanks for updating me on your life these days, and congratulations on your daughter. I have lots of good memories of our former friendship. I wish you the best in life. I really like this note. It is very brief and final. Quote: Originally Posted by grahamsmom98 No, I never said we had any mutual friends. I have had no contact with anyone from the time period she & I were friends. ...
My DD loves books, too. We taught her how to sign "read" and "book" and now she won't stop asking us to read. But she has gone through phases, too. The times when she hasn't been as interested to get through a whole book, I let her decide when we stop reading. If she wants to flip through pages, I read her a different book at the same time. We also bought a lot of "early reader" books. She like the real pages instead of board books and since the stories are longer...
No fried food from restaurants or fast food. But if I'm making it I don't have a problem with her having it. I guess I'm a little cautious about what restaurants are using to fry their foods and I'm happier when I can control it in my own home.
It definitely depends on the store and the crowds. The grocery store or Target: She is always in the cart. The library or bookstore: I'm more lenient and we usually let her walk around a little bit. But we have to watch her like a hawk! She loves books and wants to take all of them with her. But she is generally pretty easy-going and doesn't mind if he carry her.
Quote: Originally Posted by just_lily I have been debating about picking up the Vampire Diaries books. I am really enjoying the tv show, and don't want to ruin it by reading the books. My friend recently reread them to see if they were as good as she remembered when she first read them in junior high. They weren't. You might want to just stick with the tv show.
Quote: Originally Posted by JSerene It's the screen time. She mostly watches innocent kids stuff: misc. disney movies, Wallace & Grommit, some nature stuff, whatever. All age appropriate, no advertising. He doesn't have other suggestions...just continue to give, give, give I guess. She takes a lot out of me... I love her to pieces, but she needs as much attention now as she did when she was 8 months old. I think that until your DH can come...
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