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Welcome! I have to agree with everyone who advocates a sling. That is what I plan on doing (I hope in the near future!) I heard that "Babywearing" by Mary Blois is a great book on the subject. But it's on Amazon for $30 and I'm not sure if there is any place you can get it cheaper. A great book about having a baby and working from home is "The Guilt Free Guide to Your New Life as a Mom" by Sheryl Gurrentz. It is really worth a look if you are wondering how to...
Welcome! My parents are in Florida right now enjoying the weather with you, while I'm here in the midwest :!!!! I've heard about unschooling but haven't done any research on it yet. I'm not to that stage in my life, but I hope to be soon.
Welcome! Bryson is such a cute name. What is his middle name (if you don't mind me asking?)
Nothing much to know about the boards. I love it here and find myself spending hours just reading. And I sometimes forget all the different sections there are since I usually just haunt the TTC board.
You're welcome anywhere! Just remember that us ladies don't hold anything back and we frequently reveal way TMI!
I'm always in the TTC forum (but not in the 40+) but I still hope to see you there!
It's hard to say. Maybe you should do another HPT if AF hasn't shown up by now. HPTs are very accurate and even a faint line can mean you are pregnant. Good luck!
Thanks. I'm going to try the red clover blossoms and raspberry leaf. I'm pretty sure that my LP is fine. But I'll be going to my doctor to find out if there is any thing specific wrong that I could maybe fix.
I think it definitely has a lot to do with my due date. Each month has been harder and harder for me. I guess I need to find a doctor and make an appt. I just moved to a new state and it's such a pain to find a good doc. Thanks for all the suggestions and encouragement. I've just been having a hard time with this.
I'm thinking about trying a red clover blossom infusion (with peppermint or raspberry leaf.) But my other option is Herbs for Her which I saw is EPO/FSO, Vitex and raspberry leaf. What have you tried? And has anyone had success?
New Posts  All Forums: