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Hello all, I was going to put this in queer parenting but she's not a parent. I have a niece who i have only been around a few times the last 15 years. She is very nice, a cool person. I don't know much about gay people so forgive me if i am naive....she looks like a young man so should i refer to her as "he" when talking to others about her? Or should i ask her what she wants to known as?? does that sound stupid or offensive to ask? I was thinking she might not like me...
I get so frustrated when I ALWAYS find the ones i want in the size 8's never the 11's!!
How do you pull your pants down and then back up while holding the phone? you'd have to tell the person to hold on right unless you have a earpiece.
[QUOTE=_ktg_;15548706]I feel like there is a piece of the story I am not getting here. Is that family going through some hard economic times possibly? I understand the frustration about the gas money, but have you offered to drive out there to pick up your son's friend for these stays? If it was getting to be several times a month deal, I would probably talk to my friend and see if a deal or alternating drive/picks up could be worked out. 45 minutes is a long drive...
oops..posted twice
the kid drops and breaks his glasses here. I offer him a pair(to borrow) i liked alot. he is over-joyed. I look up on my puter shelf to find them there...broken!! He didn't even tell me(he is 10years old) Do i tell the mom? Should she offer to pay for them?
Hey all! My son has a friend who used to live a few blocks down the road and he stayed over at our house just about every weekend. I would pick him up and when it came time for him to go home,one of his parents came for him. 6 months ago they moved 45minutes give or take 10 minutes..away. In may,my son really missed him having seen him in oct. I called his mom and asked if she could drop him off. She said something about gas money. I offered 20 bucks and they accepted....
oh hey...that's okay!
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan Wait, kids get money from the schools where you live? Aren't property owners mad about that? I meant to write: for schools.
Since we didn't get a census form, I expected a census worker to come. Sure enough, A little, hilly-billy like old man knocked on our door the other day. He was maybe in his 60's or more...couldn't tell but he had deep wrinkles and gray hair. Said he was from the sticks too. My son was on the porch with us. After the guy asked our ages he looked at my son and said:so,your 8? that's good,you get money from the schools. My son said He doesn't go to school,he's homeschooled....
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