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LOVE Homestead Emporium pads!! I've tried others, but hers work the best and hold up awesome. Well worth the price, if you build your stash over time.
 Thank you for the advice! I'm afraid scheduling it will add to my stress, but something's gotta give. I guess I need to just make it happen.  Oh, touched out for sure! I don't know if it's good or bad that he seems to have no expectations right now. Bah! He did seem to want a "real" kiss last night, but I have a split in the corner of my lip from the dry air, so it wasn't happening. Someday… someday.Thanks for listening!
Ahhh, postpartum healing and sex. Ugh.   This is my third baby, and the first time I may have sort of gotten hemorrhoids. There was something lumpy down there, anyway, but there was no itching or pain, so who knows? Anyway, I decided to take a look with a mirror, and maybe it's just been a really long while, but things just look weird. It's very hard to explain, but my vaginal opening just seems more OPEN, and you can see vaginal wall right through that opening. It was...
Wowsers! I can't imagine going through all of that (I'm such a wimp). FOUR hours of pushing?! Amazing!    I'm really sorry it didn't go as planned, but congratulations! He's here!
Oh, darnit! I lost the "biggest baby" prize! (Though if mine had waited till 42 weeks, she WOULD have been as big as a toddler. LOL!) In all seriousness, I LOVE her name. Congratulations!!
Wow! Intense! Some of your story is like my own, especially the feelings when you thought you weren't progressing fast enough, and the fear of pushing and the pain after inense contractions. I think it's important to include those details and keep it real. You done good. She's cute! So much blonde hair — that's unusual! Congratulations!!!
I've never had much success with swaddling any of my kids, and Naomi's no exception. It DID seem to calm her down at times when she's got gas pains and has already nursed her fill but can't settle down. However, she always seems to get at least one arm free eventually. I think she's just too big for it! I need bigger blankets.  
Ouch! A third degree tear doesn't sound fun. Glad the nipple shield has helped with your troubles! Congratulations!! (And I love his name.)
Awwww, man. I'm so sorry that your experience didn't turn out like you expected or hoped for.  It sounds like it was really rough, and I don't blame you a bit for going for the drugs. I hope thinking about it and writing it all down helps you feel better about everything. He's a beautiful boy and worth it! Congratulations!
My favorite thing is no more ribcage pain! I also like being able to bend easily and without pain, hugging my husband fully again, wearing regular clothes (though I still like my maternity jeans with the panels to keep things smoother for now), and walking at a normal pace and without waddling. :P I wish my bowels were working normally... but, alas, that's still kinda messed up at the moment. I also can't sleep any way I want because I have the baby right beside me, but...
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