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I know this is a month old, but I just saw it and really wanted to encourage you to contact someone who specializes in autism. This in particular stands out   It is totally untrue that people with aspergers are antisocial. Nearly every boy I know with aspergers does exactly what your son does. My two boys on the spectrum, will talk to anyone about anything, but if you notice, they prefer to talk about their things, to the exclusion of the input of others. They can't read...
Have you had any prenatal care so far?
Oh, I know why some people choose not to, I was wondering what your personal reasons are...if that's too much to share, that's fine. 
Hey Bailey, I always bring mine in for a check up at about a week old, mostly as a CYA type of thing. However, we have a good pediatrician will see the kids without vaxing. 
Why are you refusing PKU? Just curious...if you have to transfer, why would you choose not to know?
Ignoring the whole rest of the thread...if you are having an UC, you don't have to go to the dr the next day. What I did was go straight to the dept of vital statistics and file there. Depending on your state there will be a ton of paperwork. You can click on the paperwork for the BC to automatically apply for the SS card, and then vital statistics does it for you. But if you don't check that, then you have to go into the SS office after you receive your BC and fill out...
ICAN had a lovely article on making csections family centered and as natural as possible.    I had one almost seventeen years ago, and I wasn't restricted in any way, so i'm always surprised to hear that hospitals still restrain moms.
I am also glad this is here...my first was a csection, and I always felt like there wasn't enough support in this area. Thanks new mods!
any updates? I've been thinking about you.
Haha! I am too eager to know, and I always take a test. Or four. I always think how fun it would be to go slow and just Be, but I'm not a waiting type of person lol
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