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Some of my pregnancies have had no ultrasounds, my last had three (I think). One, because I did not know my dates. I had a partial previa at that point, so I had another at 20 weeks to check location. I think I had a third one to make sure my placenta had moved up, but honestly I'm not sure. If it had remained, I would have transferred care to an OB.
I'm sorry your feelings were hurt. When you said    It was pretty clear. You told us that's what you said, and I only know what you say you said. Especially when you said you were going to send her to school for that reason. This is a hard age anyway, and adding another child will make it more difficult. I wish you and your family the best. 
wow, I think so surreal has what I was going to say. I saw this in new posts, and I feel for you, really. I have many kids who have said this, I think it's VERY normal. She's wanting you to prove that you love her, which is a completely normal developmental stage. Sending her away now just confirms in her mind what she's already thinking, that you love the new baby more, that you can't deal with her, and that you can just replace someone.    have you thought about...
wow Lynne, that's the perfect summary of what my brain was imperfectly trying to say. 
we did set things up to make it easy to clean, and dh did all the work. But honestly it just wasn't that messy. The blue pads got thrown away, and the (white) sheets got thrown in the wash with a cup of bleach and came out looking better than they did on the bed. I think there were some spots in the carpet after one of the births, but a bottle of hydrogen peroxide got that out, dh took care of it after i was tucked back into bed.    afterwards, I had a lot of...
awww...i didn't know about that! I'm on there twice, in 03 and in 05, which makes me feel better about someone questioning my right to be on the board lol! I don't know what happened with my join date saying 07 though...I've been here at least since 2001.    I have more, but I probably won't add them on. 
Hi!  On my last I did wind up transferring, and it was kind of eyeroll worthy watching me grab stuff with these out of the world contractions that just hurt so much more than my other births. And dh really just had no idea At the time I was just really annoyed because I wanted him to be helping me, and it was just not happening.    I'm glad to meet you, I've UC'ed three of mine, the others have been various hospital and mw-assisted births. I'm in and out, due to...
congratulations! Can't wait to hear more about your wonderful birth.
Oooh! Me....I'll follow on facebook! I'd like to win one!
I would highly recommend Shepherds Purse. I am a heavy bleeder, my first UC (unintended, MW was late) I bled quite heavily and nearly transferred to get blood. There was no intervention, some women are just heavy bleeders and there really isn't much you can do to help that. On subsequent births I took that right after birthing the placenta and had no problems at all
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