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I always test, but I have had pre-e in the past and do not want to go into that blindly. It's really not a burden, just once a month, or every week.
I'm with elevena...I used that in my last pregnancy, and it made a HUGE difference. It was so nice!
Elizabeth is right, it changes from time to time! Welcome and congrats on your move...I'd love to do that. Maybe not with kids though lol!   I'm Melissa, I come and go based on if I'm nursing, if the kids are in 'recess' (we unschool) or if I'm sick. lol, so it's really random, I might spend a few hours on, or not come in for days. And I don't usually post unless I feel like it will be helpful to someone, so I do a lot of reading. lol
, well said katelove!      
      I am a very heavy bleeder, and I used shepherds purse and ate placenta after my last two UCs. I wish I would have thought to do it scientifically to see which helped more, but I think they both helped a lot. Dh usually takes it as soon as it's birthed, checks it to make sure it's complete, rinses it in warm water, and cuts off chunks about half an inch by half an inch. I could NOT chew it, I just swallowed it whole. I probably had about eight or nine pieces before...
I've broken my bag each time...it's quite tough and actually it was VERY painful to me once I hit 10cm to keep laboring with it intact. The bag itself was hard to break, tough like pleather, is what dh says. Once it was broken, the pain eased up and birth followed within 45 minutes.  I will say that I'm very careful, like i said, completely dilated, head fully engaged (it's usually in the canal and bulging bag present) There is a risk of prolapsed cord if there is any...
Just so ya know:   Talia Nicole 12:24 on Christmas eve morning  9lbs 4 oz
I said it on Facebook and I'll say it here too...thanks so much for sharing. he is absolutely gorgeous and I am bowled OVER by all that hair! I'm glad you're healing well and the milk situation sounds GREAT...
I was due Wednesday, and still pregnant. two days doesn't seem like much, but this is my ninth and I'm tired of the jokes about her just 'falling out'. Anyway, I had really hoped she would be early, or even ON her due date. At this point I'll be thankful to have her by Christmas. I also have been having some contractions late at night, that kind of die away in the morning. And the discomfort is incredible.   
Yeah, I've been walking around at a 5cm for over two weeks, so I'm getting a little despondent. Granted, from my history, I usually go from 6cm to 10 in less than an hour (it's like being hit by a train) so could go either way...
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