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Sorry for your scare, I'm glad Owen did okay. Cute pictures, I love the close ups....take care of yourself and heal quickly!
considering the youtube video talks about growing out mustaches to raise awareness for testicular cancer, I'm going to go with overreaction. I live in a college town and never in my life have i seen or heard of the mustache ride. 
(hugs) girly...sounds like you're at the end. I'll be thinking of you, and wishing the best. 
I'm not her buddy, but I am on facebook with her. It's a baby!
woohoo! Congrats!
I'm a pretty dedicated UCer, had three just for my cred. But at 14 days past due (which has been the last two), I do call my back up midwife and ask for some advice. If you've been having signs of labor that have gone away, that can be indicative of a problem, especially with the headache and gut pains. Just call to see if she'll do a quick check up for blood pressure and protein, and listen to the baby's heart and umbilical blood flow. It's hard getting our own blood...
thanks you guys! I'm so excited every day checking the board to see if anyone has had a baby. it's funny we haven't had more.
I don't post much, but I do read every day to see how everyone is doing. And keep up with who's having babies    I have two weeks, and I know I've never ever had a baby earlier than a week postdates, but I am so hopeful that number 9 would at least be a little bit early. Anyway, I'm doing my usual, apparently, walking around dilated to a four for a month, it's been two weeks. So maybe!!!  
like these? http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3559078&CAWELAID=363671035, $7 for two, but free shipping. Our walmart has them now, they just got them right after thanksgiving.   Weird. i can't get it to go to the toddler size. huh. sorry!
  We do xray every year or two, but my husband has really tight spacing, and all of our older children are genetically predisposed to impacted teeth. It's a lot easier to catch it ahead of time, than when roots of other teeth are damaged because teeth are growing sideways in the gums. Now that my oldest is 15, he doesn't get xrays very often, his teeth are very much permanent and not moving much, and wisdom teeth grow so very slowly. 
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