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The fever points me away from food issues and towards a small virus. It can take a few days for babies to recover, so keep an eye on signs of dehydration and keep nursing. Dehydration would show as a depressed soft soft, and sticky mouth.    Poor lil gal, and her mama too. 
    So, what's your elevation?  
Don't lay down rules then, but at least live by principles. At this point, the reigning principle should be respect for EVERYONE. Not just allowing one child to run, but to consistently remind him that there are other people in the world, some of whom didn't sign up for chaos. "People are trying to listen, we'll run outside" You're respecting your child's need, you're both respecting the needs of the other people.      and I'm going to :yeah    Adults in general are big...
It's driving me insane. And as sad as this sounds, out of all the changes, the one I dislike most is where the last response font is larger than the thread font. I know.
Thanks MsBlack...very useful!
I'd say you don't NEED it, really. We didn't use it for years, but when I was pregnant with my last babe, my nesting desire made me want WHITEWHITEWHITE grout, and while I knew the vinegar/BS made it clean, it was getting yellower and yellower. And we had to replace part of the showerhead because the vinegar was slowly breaking it down, which bleach didn't do. So now we use bleach sparingly, to give me white grout and sooth my nesty feelers.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrshoobydoober Hi! If you are interested, there is a Yahoogroup called Oklahoma Radical Mothers. It's a great source to ask for recommendations and such. HTH!! She covered it all! lol...I'm not in the area, (Norman) but wanted to recommend all of the above! Jenks is supposed to have a well funded district, but I don't know how that translates into school experiences. Same for BA.
Quote: Originally Posted by MsBlack Multimomma-- you asked about maternal mortality rates: YES, childbearing women are more likely to die in hospitals than at home Thanks for the verification and the links. Do you know how the numbers are affected by women who are transfered and/or booted from midwifery care? I'll look at the ICAN website, it's a good one and I didn't think about it for the stats.
Quote: Originally Posted by sg784 Multimomma, its not up to you or anyone else to decide how qualified this woman is or isnt to help anyone give birth. It was up to the woman who chose her. Its about responsibility. Part of what makes homebirth so hugely different from hospital birth is who is taking the responsibility. If you walk into a hospital you are handing all your responsibility for yourself and your baby to those authorities. With a homebirth,...
You could stop using it, but it's a fast and easy way to use sodium chloride to bleach stains. Here's a list of other chemical cleaners and how they all work. http://www.howstuffworks.com/framed....hose_germs.htm Vinegar is an acid that easily cleans and is nontoxic. It doesn't cut grease, so you'd want hydrogen peroxide for that. We mostly use vinegar, but i do keep bleach around for occasional bleaching.
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