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I like Bela Luna toys  on FB too. :)
I'm a Mothering fan on FB. :D
I'd love a Becco, I wanted one a few years ago but at the time didn't have the money.  We still carry our youngest when we go out and hope to have another baby in the next year.   I think simplicity and neutral colors are always good. My husband has worn all of our children in various carriers and never really cared to much what they look like but he does like something that is easy to use.
It's very normal for a bf baby to go up to a week with no bowel movement.  :)  
You can remove my name; I had surgery for an ectopic pregnancy on Feb 14th.
When we had our first we broke what to me is a pretty big one by sleeping on a water bed for the first few months and I'm glad nothing happened. Other then that I guess it depends on your version of the rules. We used blankets and pillows but kept them away from the baby and the baby (we have 4 kids)  often slept between dad and I. I never used any drugs/medication that could make me more tired and neither of us drinks or smokes at all.  I don't know about weight limits...
I have no issues with taking a toddler to the store in pj's; I would just make them ride in the cart. 
I had two with my first who was born in a hospital and none with my next three who were homebirths.  This time around I was leaning towards having one because everything was so different and I felt something was wrong. The day before I was going to have one I ended up in the ER and then surgery for an ectopic pregnancy.  I now only have one functioning tube left and should I get pregnant again I will have an U/S at 6 weeks to find out wether it is ectopic or not so that...
Home but I sure wish I had that hospital bed. 
I'm sad but avoiding crying because it hurts my stomach muscles to much.
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