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We're having two surprises. 
  More twins!!! YAY!!! 
13 weeks on Thanksgiving, and it couldn't have been more appropriate timing.
-how's pregnancy treating you?  So far, so good.  I've had a lot of fatigue, and some nausea, but nothing unmanageable, and I'm really enjoying this so far.   -is it everything you thought it would be?  I don't think I expected sitting around gestating to be as physically demanding as it has turned out to be.  It's a good kind of demanding, though.   -what are you loving about it?  Just being pregnant after years of trying and loss.  The fact that I'm in the...
I'm having twins, confirmed at 6w5d, and saw them again earlier this week, but I don't know how much help I can be - they're my first and second babies, so I don't have anything to compare them with.  That said, I turned 12 weeks yesterday, and I've outgrown at least half my pants and I have a pretty noticeable bump if I don't take care to conceal it with bigger, looser tops (I'm not telling co-workers until after Thanksgiving).  I'm eating like a linebacker, even...
I can flesh out my own information   My official EDD is 6/2/11.  I'll be 37 at the time of the birth, and my partner will be 36.  The twins will our 1st and 2nd children, and it's too soon for us to know gender (I'm not sure we'll decide to find out).  We live in PA.
I'm 12 weeks today, and the nausea seems to have moved to mostly the evening. I hope that means it's on its way out.
Finally willing to test the waters a little -   I'm Nonny, and I'm due, with twins, on 6/2.  Since I'm likely to deliver early, I probably will post in both the May & June DDCs, but so far, I've mostly been lurking.  These babies will be my first (and second!), and seem to be healthy and thriving.  After years of dealing with TTC, infertility, and loss, it's pretty tough to believe that it's really happening.  The nausea and tighter pants are pretty convincing,...
-Name: Nonny -Age: 36 -EDD: June 2nd (I'm straddling two DDCs) -Location: Pittsburgh, PA -1st child/2nd/3rd...: 1st AND 2nd - I'm having twins! -Family: Partner of 16 years, three cats, one dog. -Baby's gender: We're thinking about waiting for the birth. -Names: Still under discussion -Birth plans/preferences:  No set plans as of right now. -Absolutely anything else under the sun: I'm terrible with introductions.  After years of IF and loss, it's kind of unreal...
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