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This was published today with up to date info and email confirmations from companies.  People in the US are so focused on Monsanto but there are other companies that are just as big and just as awful from Europe.  Not to mention smaller companies that sign the safe seed pledge that can get away with selling seeds from these major suppliers because even though they are huge players in the GMO game, they also make GMO free seeds.   Well...I'll let you all read for...
This was published today.  You are right, Territorial does NOT carry Seminis, but they do carry other major biotech big ag seeds that are just as bad as Monsanto (but not as well known here in the states because they are based out of Switzerland) that should be avoided as much as Monsanto.  This pretty much has everything you need to know about what's safe, what's not and how even those who signed the safe seed pledge are not what they always...
Here is a guide to wool care and thought everyone here may be able to use it.  If you click on the link to "Part One" in the beginning, it has info on the different types of wool, lingo, places to buy wool, felting and more.  But this link is for all things wool care like measuring, washing, shaving, a great lanolizing tutorial and even resetting dye instructions.   http://themindfulhome.blogspot.com/2013/10/cloth-diapering-with-wool-part-two-wool.html
Great idea!  We have had pretty mediocre performance with ours.  I'll have to try Badger!  Thanks!
Has anybody tried disana leggings as a cover?  I found these and I'm very excited about them, but don't want to bother if they can't be worn as a cover.
Our daughter was acting up one day and my husband randomly grabbed all of her stuffed animals and turned to me and said, "We're having a tea party!"   This is what I found outside a few minutes later :)  
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