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yikes that is so scary and such a stress. glad everything seems okay with the baby. hope you get lots of rest to recover. bach flower rescue remedy and also homeopathic arnica pellets both help the body recover from shock/pain from trauma and are safe in pregnancy. a soak in an epsom salt bath might be helpful too.    
awesome news! wow he looks so perfect and sweet. 
thanks blueridgemama! I had my 13week1day appt today and it was great. She checked for the heartbeat with the doppler and found it instantly, didn't even have to move it. strong and steady. i was feeling less anxiety anyways as yesterday i felt tons of baby movement. so great to be at the stage where i can feel the baby move! so Yaaaaaaay! i was trying to hold back tears of joy driving home. I am so amazed that this baby is happening and thrilled to just open my heart up...
man you have been having a rough time. hang in there as it will get better soon! glad the vomiting is easing up. scary to have the spotting but glad the babies are okay. enjoy your rest!
awesome, thanks!
i don't have ebooks so i'm not sure about that.  Here are some of my faves: Ina May Gaskin, spiritual midwifery or her guide to childbirth Aviva Jill Romm, the natural pregnancy book (lots of health and nutrition info) Christine Harris, the pregnancy journal (lots of updates on baby development, info from other cultures) Gurmukh, Bountiful, beautiful, blissful. stories, mediations and mudras.  i also found the hypnobirthing mongan method helpful. i think dr sears...
glad baby is okay! sounds stressful and hope things resolve quickly.
13 weeks today and lots of movements! a couple bigger movements that made me stop and smile. no question it is the baby, more like a bump or a flex instead of a wiggle/squirm for those two movements. so amazing!! 
loving the belly shots! I am feeling huge all of a sudden and the kids can't stop feeling my belly and telling me how big i'm getting.    blueridgemama, that is an impressive belly! those two are doing a great job growing. hope you are feeling better. 
oh no! what a shocking and sad discovery. i am so sorry to hear it and send you strength and peace as you process. If you need a break from grief and shock, take it. in the first few weeks processing my losses i watched lots of moves, tv, had some drinks. be so gentle with yourself. it is good that you listened to your intuition and called the midwife. passing the baby at this stage can be horrific and getting in for a D&C is less traumatic. I hope that the procedure goes...
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