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welcome edubluv and Laura83. hopefully the roller coaster of anxiety and worry slows down now.  blueridgemama, i'd love to see an ultrasound pic of the babies! try and post one if you can.    I had a great day today, first day in forever that i woke up and am going to sleep feeling secure about this baby and know it's doing well. what a novelty! so much less stress!
i asked my midwife today about early movements. I have been feeling more flutters and I am still 10 weeks (until tomorrow!). She said that in the textbooks it says too early to feel but she finds that many women who have had 2 or more kids can pick it up very early. totally possible at 10 weeks and she believes me that i felt some wiggles. esp if the uterus is compressed a bit. (i have been feeling it if i'm bent forward or lying on my stomach). shouldn't be feeling...
exciting! great way to break the news, let us know how it goes. I have been wondering if we should find out this time, maybe it would make it easier for my kids, age 7 and almost 4, to anticipate what is coming. any reason in particular you found out the gender? besides being part of the test report.
finally heard the heartbeat on doppler today! 11 weeks tomorrow. I am so relieved that all is well. i'm having a baby!
second attempt today with the doppler at the midwife's. Found the heartbeat! YAAAAAAY! so relieved and now excited to plan for this baby. no more waiting and wondering. 
Here's the new thread! i'm not sure if we are all still subscribed as i've never continued a thread like this before. yay it's april!!    
I am so thrilled that it is FINALLY April! This means that most of us are in second trimester or close to it. Over the hump of first trimester anxiety and nausea. Here's to spring and an energetic second trimester! Grow babies grow!         Much love fellow warrior mamas, thanks for all the support so far.  
exciting belly bumps ladies! you all look great. i'm esp curious to follow blue ridge mama and that twin belly!   being my 5th pregnancy i popped out at 4-5 weeks with bloating but my all day belly arrived around 7 weeks. I've been in mat or stretchy pants for prob 2 weeks now. However, i am thin and 125lbs so there isn't a lot of wiggle room in my regular pants. My fundus does rise up quite early, even in my first pregnancy. the midwife then sent me for a scan to check...
yay!!. so excited for you and i can't wait to see this little guy who has captured our hearts. 
i would pause the conversation until you know the gender and you are out of first trimester. this will help you focus on a real conflict and also not zap your energy or emotions.  show him a video! anything on gloria lemay's blog is very enlightening. esp about how circ affects sexual function.   good luck!
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