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sounds like you are already at a place of acceptance. it is amazing how much you have processed over the past few days. you are inspirational! trisomy or not you have an incredible babe there who will bring so much joy to your life. he already has! best wishes for peace and strength moving forward and dealing with the news. it is great that you can get more info on the ultrasound and see how the heart is developing. hugs,
hope all is well. you will probably be able to get a heartbeat on doppler at 11 weeks!
hope everything settles down and you get a reassuring ultrasound. could the pains have been ligament pains? sometimes they can be quite intense. kidney stone? the spotting can be from the exam.  when is the ultrasound?
wow that ultrasound picture is incredible! the hand is so cute, what an amazing little one you have. sounds like he is mama's boy already. best wishes for peace while you wait.
so sorry to hear it. love and hugs to you and your family. i've been through it twice and i know how horrific it can be. I ended up doing a type of counselling called EMDR to release the trauma. sending you wishes for strength and peace as you recover.
congrats kitty45 and tamaracat on your healthy growing little kittens! 
awesome news monkey science! you must have been holding your breath! now you can relax and dream about holding this baby in your arms.  I will start the thread in april.   before my ultrasound i had allowed myself to plan ahead for deciding i want a D&C if needed, which days would work best, if we would try again etc. But i had not allowed myself to dream about the baby. After the ultrasound i started dreaming of holding the baby, planning for the birth, thinking about...
yes i'm feeling better too! I am 9weeks1day. the nausea has dramatically lessened in the past week, although i do get some food aversion. i am still tired but that is getting better too. I'm on the doppler countdown! my midwife visit is on tuesday morning and i reallllllly hope we can hear the heartbeat at 9w6d. i feel like all is well so far. i'm even less grumpy! in my last successful pregnancy, my nausea turned off like a switch when i hit 8 weeks.    I hope i make...
hugs to you! i was feeling so grumpy and irritable. losing patience with the kids. i am like that every first trimester. I've been feeling much better the last few days, since i've hit 9 weeks. also meditation has really helped. it is great that you are communicating to your husband, make sure he knows how sensitive you are and that you'll be feeling more like your self soon. 
wengrin, thrilled that you are here! another graduate from the conceiving thread. high five! welcome to everyone else, wirdlilfaechild, vickijap, and others too.
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