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yay! great news all around. 
just one baby for me! should be interesting to see who the next twin mama is, but i am thrilled that it's not me.
I had my ultrasound today and good news! one baby growing perfectly at 7w5d and strong heartbeat. wow so this really might happen! i am thrilled that the baby is okay and that i don't have twins!
oh dear, red mom that is horrible news. i am so sorry. i send you and your family peace and strength. i've been there and i second the indulging   Lea, yes i am an ND but i'm not that good at doctoring myself. my iron was great before i got pregnant but i did swing by my office this morning and pick up some iron, another b6/b12 shot, and some homeopathics. feeling a bit better today.    I had my ultrasound today and good news! one baby growing perfectly at 7w5d and...
welcome! i'm due oct 22 so we're almost due date buddies.   1) When did/will you tell your family/friends that you were/are pregnant? we did right away for all. i'm horrible at keeping surprises and i also want the support of my family and friends.    2) Will you find out the gender? never have, it's such a great surprise.   3) When should I start picking out names? second and third trimester   4) When will I feel the baby kick? usually around 17 weeks   5) Is...
hope its over with soon, bleeding in pregnancy is such a stress. 
hope all is well for you katie and you get reassurance tomorrow!
so glad that you are better Lea.   pity party for one today. i have been feeling sooooo lightheaded and my heart just pounds and my uterus pulses. this has been happening in a mild way most of the pregnancy but just flared in the past 2 days. i can barely stand up without feeling faint. I was at health show manning the booth and every time i stood up to talk to someone i felt like i was going backwards so i had to go home. i checked my blood pressure today and it is...
the b6 shot worked amazingly! i think i would do an IV push (quick 10 min) next time instead of the shot in the butt. 3 days later it's still helping although i'll prob do another soon. 
hope all is well in the morning, i am wishing away the anxiety and bleeding. sending you strength to deal with either a loss or the rest of first trimester! when i meditate i like the mantra om namah shivaya. i think it means wishing of obstacles to be removed/may i have an easier path. i'm not sure if that is really what it means, but that's what i remember from yoga. i feel like it clears my field. also receiving a loving or calming light wherever you need it is a nice...
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