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sorry to hear it sea siren, i didn't realize. it is so bizarre that it happened the way it did. I hope you are recovering and i send you much love. thanks for updating. 
thanks!  hope you get more rest soon.
blueridgemama, is your heart racing? mine is fast most of the time (around 90bpm), it is very distracting when i lie down to nap. i don't remember this from previous pregnancies so i'm wondering if it is a twin pregnancy thing. still wondering over here! i also get lightheaded too but that is a usual symptom for me. thanks!
sounds great! love the gummy bear stage as i had one u/s at 7 weeks in a previous pregnancy and i loved looking at the gummy bear picture on the fridge. glad all is well, now you can relax and grow those babies!
lemons have been helping me. lemon water, lemon essential oil. pom juice with soda water anything with ginger i figured out that my protien shake was making me feel horrible.  i cooked a lemon chicken recipe and that went okay, because i had to zest and juice a whole lemon.    i got a B6 injection this morning so i'm hoping that helps. it really hurt though!
well you can't count me out until my ultrasound monday. i have been sooo exhausted and nauseous. way more than any previous pregnancy. my belly is huge, fundus rising high, lots of ligament growing pains. i was looking up stats for twins and if you are a fraternal twin (i am) then the risk is 1 in 17. odds increase for over 30 and 4 or more previous pregnancies. so, um, i'm freaking a bit and then laughing at how silly i'm being for getting way to far ahead of myself. if...
ybutterfly    so how are some of you we haven't heard from in a while. sea siren? has the spotting stopped? mamacatsbaby how are you?   I am at work today and so warming up a shot of B6 to inject myself with, then i'll do some acupuncture points. it should help a lot but even being out of the house is helping as the more distraction from nausea the better. thankfully i'm not fully booked today so i can sneak in a lunchtime nap.
great news khalana! congrats!   i am 7 weeks tomorrow and have been getting progressively more nausea the past few days. its horrible! way worse then i've had before. i keep trying to be appreciative of the symptoms and sending love to the baby for growing well, it's good to be nauseous. but man i am stalling right now as i have to make dinner for the kids before evening activities but the thought of going in my kitchen is making me dry heave. it is constant nausea and...
yaaaaaaay! oh congrats!! little bean looks like a perfect....something lol! there is a few day range with ultrasounds so that is right on target. one little bean is good news too. glad  you feel better. i'm still on countdown until mine on monday. 6 more days.     i'm up at 3am nibbling on rice cakes to settle my stomach, back to bed now.
redmom, i hope that baby keeps growing and surprises everyone next week! you must be so worried, i hope you can find some moments of peace. how was the beta result? did it increase?
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