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 Obviously, if DD is going GF, then it would be easier for the whole family to be GF, plus that would reduce the risk of cross-contamination.  But I am wondering what are (if any) the implications for our 11 month old to be GF without any medical reason to be.  We have no reason to believe he is also Celiac right now.    Can anyone point me to research or info?
You've hade tons of great replies and ideas, and I wanted to add another if that's ok!  We were in a very similar situation with my daughter.  In our case, one thing that has really helped is getting her Crayola Window drawing *crayons* (not the markers) and letting her use them on our (glass) patio door.  We also gave her a small squirt bottle and cloth so that she can wipe them off herself.  The crayons offer more resistance than the markers, and are thus easier to...
Well consider it "jump started"!!!!   I am in need of motivation also and see this thread appearing as a sign!   So excuse me while I"m off to sweep the floor and clean off DS's high chair (ooooh boy...that's going to be a doozy!!!)
wow...how did I never see this thread???  I have a just turned 4 yo girl and almost 8 month old boy.  Brewer park is a big hit in this house!  We are there almost every weekend.  
Maggie....my comment had nothing to do with yours!!!  Don`t worry!!! It`s a very common assumption I just wanted to address! I hope it didn`t come out sounding snarky.  It`s all good!
I've been told that the policy at the hospital here is "one hour labor=1 cm dilated".  Wow.....if I'd have given birth there with dr and nurses (I gave birth there twice but with a midwife so had nothing to do with dr. or nurses or hospital policy), both of my kids would've been born in the hallway!   With my daughter I went from 6cm dilated to babe in arms in less than 2 hours and with my son, from 5 cm to babe in arms in 45 minutes!  (yeah....ouch!!!)   oh...and while...
My daughter's kindergarten teacher has suggested that we work at increasing her concentration and attention span.  She is extremely bright, alert and curious but flutters from one activity to the next, and has never completed a single task.  A typical thing for her is to take out a puzzle, put 2 or 3 pieces together, then move on, or ask for a story but will get  up and leave after a few pages.  We've noticed the same thing at home; she rarely (if ever) engages in anything...
33 when DD was born, and 36 when DS was born.  We were not ready to even* think* of children before I turned 31....then oh my!  Baby fever hit hard!!!!  
Bringing this old thread back to light to see if anyone has new imput!
Btw...you are so incredibly patient!!!
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